Canada invited 85,300 people to apply for permanent residence in 2019. This was achieved through the popular Express Entry Program, which accelerates the immigration process of viable candidates to Canada. See below for more information on the program, along with the importance of finding a reputable company to assist you with your application to move to Canada in 2020.

What is the Express Entry Program?


The Express Entry Program was established in 2015 to address the issue Canada faces with regards to experiencing a shortage of skilled workers in the country. Despite being the second-largest country in the world, Canada does not have a population large enough to supply its labor force with a sufficient amount of skilled workers. The Express Entry draws take place on a bi-monthly basis, and aims to fast-track the applications of viable candidates to Canada. Through Express Entry, these candidates could immigrate to Canada in as little as 6 months!

Who is Eligible for the Express Entry Program?


The Express Entry program is by far the most popular route of applying to move to Canada. Eligibility for the Express Entry program is dependent on the situation of the individual applicant, but a general list of eligibility criteria exists for all applicants. This includes level of education, age, work experience, language proficiency in either English or French as well as the ability to adapt to life in Canada following immigration.
The eligibility of each applicant is measured according to the Comprehensive Ranking System which tallies up a CRS score. The CRS score is one of the most important components of an Express Entry application. This is due to the fact that when an Express Entry draw rolls around, the candidates with the highest CRS scores receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence. 

How to Improve Your CRS Score


The nice thing about the Express Entry program is its flexibility throughout the application process. If you are not on the receiving end of an ITA because your CRS score is too low, all hope is not lost. There is a range of things you can do to improve your score and your chances of receiving an ITA in a future Express Entry Draw. This includes re-taking your language tests, gaining more experience in your field and furthering your education. 

Finding  A Reputable Company to Assist You 


It’s extremely important that you utilize the services of regulated consultants to assist you with your Express Entry application. Fraudulent companies are on the rise and are surprisingly good at appearing to be legitimate. If you are hoping to move to Canada with Express Entry and would like the assistance of a credible and experienced company, have a look at our list of the Top 10 Immigration Companies.