A job interview is a two-way street. For most of the interview, the employer will be asking you questions, but, towards the end of an interview, you will be given a chance to ask questions about the job and the organization. This is your opportunity to make a good impression by asking the right questions while finding out as much as possible about the position and company.

1. “If hired, what will it take to succeed in this position?”

This question gives you the opportunity to learn about the dynamics of a company’s culture and see how it fits your personality. Every organization is different, and so are the qualities of their key performers. Learning about the vital attributes for a position can help you to gain a clearer idea of the work environment.

2. “Is this a new position or would I be replacing someone?”

Did the previous staff member quit, or was he or she let go or promoted? If it’s a new role, was it created out of an expansion at the company, or as a consolidation of roles? If the company promoted the previous employee, then you can ask what made him or her successful in the position and learn from that experience.

3. “How is the company culture, how will performance be measured?”

It’s perfectly alright to want to know how the company would measure your success if hired. This information gives you the ability ahead of time to find how you can help accomplish the company’s goals in your position.

4. “If hired, what would you expect me to accomplish in the first 90 days?”

Smart candidates want to hit the ground running by making a difference from the beginning.