1. Human Resources Manager

Salary increase (2008 – 2014): +14%

Company structures, policies, and needs are changing and so is the role of the HR Manager. More than just a willing ear to listen to disgruntled employees, HR staff need to ensure they hire the right people for the right job and retain those employees. Those that have a keen eye for hiring talented individuals may have a promising future in HR.


2. University Professor


Salary increase (2008 – 2014): +15%

It has never been more rewarding to teach teens than with a job as a professor at one of the excellent universities situated across Canada. Boasting a 75% job satisfaction rate, professors are gaining increases in salaries and research citation opportunities.


3. Industrial Technician

Salary increase (2008 -2014): +17%

Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technicians both fall under this category, and with a continuous search for skilled workers in this industry, these jobs are never scarce. Designing production facilities, building machine applications and repairing and maintaining machinery are just some of the opportunities available.


4. Oil and Gas Well Operator


Salary increase (2008 -2014): +24%

Operating in one of Canada’s biggest industries, the energy sector, these operators are on call 24-7. Working in isolation on rigs as well as maintaining them on a daily basis ensure that there are always skills needed for the job.


5. Registered Nurse


Salary increase (2008 -2014): +12%

According to the Canadian Nurses Association, by the year 2022, up to 60 000 nursing jobs will be unfilled. As Canadians age, the number of nurses required increases as does the level of practical skills. Registered nurses need a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing or a Bachelor of Nursing degree.


6. Financial Administrator


Salary increase (2008 -2014): +18%

Senior financial management roles are always in demand as they monitor the accounting, auditing, financial planning and risk factors in a business.

7. Health Care Manager

Salary increase (2008 -2014): +13%

Experts say that by 2020, 20% of Canadians will be over the age of 65 which means that there will be a desperate need for more health care professionals. This is where nurses, lab technicians, and doctors will be in high demand with an equal need for health care management. Business management degrees are becoming a sought after qualification in this area.

Software Engineer


Salary increase (2008 -2014): +17%

App and software enthusiasts can make a lucrative career out of designing, researching, evaluating and maintaining software solutions. Both the private and public sectors require innovative and passionate individuals.


Mapping Technologists


Salary increase (2008 -2014): +25%

The natural resources sector of Canada are in constant need of field mapping and this is a notably specialized skill that is in high demand.


Statistician and Actuary


Salary increase (2008- 2014): +38%

Got a head for numbers? The rise of the digital economy has resulted in an increased need for specialists who can mine through data and pull out business insights with ease. Communications, insurance, retail, and natural resources build their businesses based on these reports.