I’m sure you too have heard about the abundance of jobs in Canada, but how exactly does one land one of those jobs? Well, for starters it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Canada and Canadian traditions, in all aspects. Canada is always seeking foreign workers to help grow their strong workforces. Also, if you’re already in Canada, your status in the country plays a major role in landing a job or even an interview. Here are some general tips to land a job in Canada.

Familiarize yourself


Do your research and familiarize yourself with the local Canadian job market. If you’re already in Canada, go to your potential or desired employer and speak to people there. Canadians are generally helpful and approachable; we say take advantage of this. Ask as many questions as they possibly allow you to, or don’t and just watch the way things get done. This will help you in a later stage to adapt to not just your new job but their work ethic too. With this, you will be sure to know what Canadian employers look for. There may be skills you’ll need to learn that you don’t currently possess and your advantage is picking up on these skills before you get the job. If you are yet to land in Canada, we suggest doing research, research, and more research. Company websites and online forums are your best bet to prepare you for your meeting.

Tailor your CV


Like many other things, Canada has its own requirements when it comes to resumes. The preferred Canadian resume is no longer than 2 pages. Attention to detail matters greatly here, as focusing on skills and experience are tips to keep in mind when reconstructing your CV. Always be honest and don’t add skills you do not possess or experience you don’t have. If you’re applying for multiple jobs, have more than one resume so that each resume meets different particulars of each job. Now we’re well aware that we are currently living in the digital age where employers check out your online presence. Clean up your social media accounts, employers want to see the “real you” and “you are what you post” so keep it clean.

Narrow it down


Your mind might run wild with all the available jobs in Canada, but start the search for specific jobs and narrow down your searches. Find one or two companies you’d like to work for and do research on them. They might not have a position you’re interested in but then create your position. Learn what their company lacks and how you could fill that void. Great job sources are the Canadian Job Bank or find a recruitment agency which could help you and save time.



Depending on which province you are to settle in you may have to be near fluent in French. If that is not the case, your English will have to be exceptional. We’re not saying this is an absolute requirement, as some jobs do not even take your language into account, but the greater majority will. The Canadian government does sponsor quite a few dialect courses to get your language to where it needs to be. Be sure to make your language capacity clear on your CV. In your quest to land your desired job, stay updated with what is happening in your desired company and in your industry. Lighten your own load by being well equipped, well in advance.