A Mobile Applications Developer

For those of you who don’t exactly know what this is, simply put these developers use programming dialects and source code to create software that meets customer needs.  The salary for a mobile application developer starts off at $93, 000 and goes all the way to $132,000. According to Workopolis, the ever-developing mobile market implies that the interest for experts who can create cell phone and tablet applications will keep on growing. While not all occupation advertisements in this field notice instructive prerequisites, you will require a tertiary capability, ideally a college degree, in software engineering.


A User Experience Designer


Often abbreviated to UX, UXD or UED, this job description can be summed up like this; it’s the way a person feels when interfacing (interface/a point where two systems meet and interact) with a system or framework. This could be a website, a web app or even day-to-day desktop programming. This salary can start off anywhere from $71 000 to $136 000. Now we may not be experts in the matter, but with the rapid growth of technology and all things digital, the demand for UX designers won’t decline anytime soon. Tertiary education is required in courses such as information design, graphic design, and similar related fields.


Marketing Manager


Well, I’m assuming there is no introductory description needed here. As we all know a company’s image is everything, and the marketing department is responsible for just that. PR, social media, content writing and forms of corporate correspondence are all tools used by marketers. Tertiary education is not necessarily needed but is always greatly welcomed. Salaries range from $120 000 and upward.


A translator



Since most Canadian are bilingual by nature, this high paying job comes as no surprise. Translators are in high demand as Canada rakes in high levels of immigrants each year with many not speaking English nor French. Starting salary is $90 000 and can drop or rise depending on the company and demand.


A Business Analyst


Canada is rumored to have a high demand for business analysts, so if this is your forte, act now. This is just about the hottest job right now and experience is not expected. You will need some form of tertiary education through including a business or project management degree. The salary of a business analyst starts off at $75 000 and can be a bit less or a bit more depending on once again the company and trends.