1. Mobile Applications Developer - $ 93 000 to $132 000

  • Developing apps for smartphones and tablets
  • You will need a tertiary education and preferably a university degree in computer science

2. User Experience (UX) Developer - $71 000 to $136 500

  • The demand for UX Developers will continue because companies will continue to focus on customer satisfaction
  • A degree in information design is a benefit but experience counts more

3. Marketing Manager – can be more than $120 000

  • A company’s image is extremely important so there is always a demand for advertising and marketing
  • A degree in marketing or business is essential and so is the experience

4. Corporate Trainer – can be as much as $100 000

  • This is a good option for qualified educators
  • You will need an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate qualification in education technology, adult learning or instructional design

5. Translator – up to $90 000

  • Canada is a bilingual country with French and English being the most spoken languages.
  • Companies are now starting to provide their services in English and French
  • Ontario has the highest demand in English/French
  • A university degree in either language is an asset
  • You must be fluent in both languages

6. Nurse - $72 000 on average

  • There is a high demand for nurses in Canada but the highest demand is in Ontario and Alberta in British Columbia
  • A nursing qualification is needed but preferably a degree
  • It is one of the top jobs for being hired straight out of university

7. Physiotherapist - $71 000 on average

  • You will need a degree
  • It is a top job where you will be able to be hired straight out of university

8. Occupational Therapist - $74 000 on average

  • You will need a university degree
  • It is a job where you will be able to be hired straight out of university

9. Business Analyst - $75 000 on average

  • There is a demand for business analysts and business systems analysts
  • You will need a business degree with an emphasis on project management
  • You can be hired without experience

10. Accountant - $59 000 on average

  • There is a demand for accountants
  • Experience is not as essential as a university degree

11. Transit Driver - $29 529 to $63 480

  • You may only need a high school diploma
  • You will need a relevant drivers license
  • You will need to able to drive a bus
  • You may not have a criminal record

12. Realtor – can be more than $105 100 for full-time positions

  • A high school diploma is required
  • You will need to have completed a training course in real estate
  • People skills will benefit you enormously in the work field
  • If you are bilingual that will also benefit you

13. Construction Manager - $125 000

  • In this field, experience means more than a degree however some companies will need you to have a degree or diploma in engineering or construction science

14. The Trades - $80 000 to $100 000 to start

  • People in the trades work sector are in extremely high demand in Canada
  • Academic qualifications are not as important but training in your specific trade is essential
  • If you are willing to work in remote areas your salary will be much higher

15. Mechanics and Service Technicians - $70 000

  • There is a huge demand for people in this job sector
  • On-the-job training is more important than academic qualifications
  • If you develop business and marketing skills you will be able to open your own business

We hope that this has helped you get a better idea about the jobs that are in demand and what the annual salary is. This is just another reason why you should take advantage of immigrating to Canada, the land of opportunities.