So many reasons to travel to Canada, choose one of ours. Aesthetically, Canada is one of the most beautiful continents. The span of Canada’s natural magnificence, from mountains and ice sheets to segregated lakes and backwoods, is practically unparalleled around the world. In any case, Canada’s charm is not only nature, but Canada also has cosmopolitan urban communities that are perfect, sheltered, cordial and multicultural. Truth be told, Canada has more than once been praised as one of the world’s most liveable countries. Whether your interests are stream rafting or live theatre, Canada won’t disillusion. Here are just a few reasons why you should travel to Canada.

It’s Affordable


Canada is a reasonable and affordable choice for both vacation and living. The Canadian dollar is worth less than the American dollar, hence costs in Canada, for the most part, appear to be sensible to voyagers. Canada is globally known for its almost mythical cost of living as the country homes some of the most affordable cities in the world.

It’s natural Wonders


Very few countries have the privilege of saying it has a vast amount of natural wonders that Canada has. As mentioned before, Canada is rich in natural beauty so it comes as no surprise that it is a country oozing with wonders. To mention a few Canada must-sees; the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Niagara Falls, the Northern Light (aurora borealis) are some of the most legendary spots.

Activities, Activities, Activities!


One of the many reasons to visit Canada is its amazing outdoors, brimming with adventurous activities. Camping, skiing, and hiking are just the tips of the iceberg. Besides lakes being lakes, in winter they turn into solid ice. Did someone say ice rink? There are an array of fun things to do in Canada during any and every season.



Canadians sure know how to entertain. Festivals are almost always taking place with some attracting up to 3 million people. A great example of a major crowd attracting festival is the Celebration of Light festival which just so happens to be the largest fireworks competition in the world. These festivals rake in millions for Canada.

The Weather


Now I’m sure you’ve heard about the extreme weathers in Canada, for example, the city of Winnipeg was at one point colder than the red planet, Mars. As extreme as that may sound, Canada is an absolute once in a lifetime experience in winter. In Ottawa, an annual festival takes place where Canadians celebrate the sub-zero temperatures. For three weeks, the people of Canada (and elsewhere) celebrate Winterlude by taking part in ice-carving competitions and skate along with the world’s largest outdoor skating rink. Yes, Canada is truly known for its one of a kind outdoor traditions. With Canada’s laid-back demeanor and an assortment of fun open-air activities and occasions, it has definitely become an awesome travel destination for families traveling with children. Diverse cultures, diverse climates and all the rest of Canada is a destination that fits everyone in some way. Whatever your interests, Canada promises to never disappoint.