The "M" Program is one of the numerous training and vocation advancement programs offered via Career Trek Inc. The "M" Program is intended to help youthful moms between the ages of 14 and 21 build up the certainty, employability aptitudes, and education and profession objectives that will make a superior life for themselves and their families. The program is implanted with a career development focus that helps the members investigate and find their preferences and dislikes, helping them handle instructive open doors, and diagram their future profession ways.

Six young moms from Winnipeg have graduated from the “life-changing” M Program at the University of Winnipeg. One graduate stated "a lot of people think that once you have a child at a younger age, your life is over, but it's actually not. They show you here that it's never too late to start." Young mothers are hopeful again all thanks to Career Trek, a non-profit organization. Other graduates explained how they not only cater to your career and academic needs but are extremely helpful on a personal level too, taking your family into consideration.

The classes rotate through the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba, the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology and different grounds in Winnipeg to give members a wide range of experience. They met post-secondary understudies at every campus and found out around 45 unique occupations extending from nursing, social work, and medicine to engineering, journalism and production art. Career Trek CEO Darrell Cole said the "M" Program means to help the mother, as well as help her children. Interest for the system is high, so Career Trek takes in only 15 members a year.

The project supports the members by providing childcare, dinners and safe transportation for them and their families. A 20-year-old student expressed that her goal is to be a medical doctor, something she never believed was possible before she enrolled in the "M" Program. She is set to start her studies at the University of Manitoba this fall.

It is safe to now conclude that faith in humanity is in fact restored.