Here are some of the first steps you should take in Canada.

Social Insurance Number

Also known as the SIN card, your Social Insurance Number is one of the very first things you need to apply for upon arrival. This is a nine-digit number, which is vital if you plan on working in Canada. Without this number, you’re ineligible to apply for a job, government assistance, and credit.

Get mobile


There’s nothing agreeable about browsing and looking at cellphone plans. It’s even less enjoyable when you’re jet-lagged and wanting to tour your fresh, new environment. In any case, this investigating will be made less demanding when you have a local data plan and can navigate your way on Google Maps. The sooner you get a phone, the more you’ll maintain a strategic distance from unreasonable roaming charges from your home provider. Also, in case you’re on a two-year visa and considering entering a two-year contract, you’ll need to adjust these as well as can be expected.

Home is where you leave your bags


Accommodation is probably a lot more important than anything else on this list. We’re hoping you already got your first night already sorted out, at least, but what happens on a long term basis? Since you already have your data plan sorted out, check the internet or grab a local newspaper and browse the classified section. You can always purchase an open travel day pass and visit different private neighborhoods. Most newcomers rent houses or apartments as their first home in Canada.

Get friendly


This is your chance to get out and about and actively make a friend. Get to know people in your neighborhood through community groups and associations. This will have you feeling truly at home in no time.



Don’t be too hard on yourself, settling in takes time. A lot may not play out the way you saw it before you got to Canada but since you embraced change, be open to it too. You might be jet-lagged for a bit longer than you expected and miss home, but that’s okay. Embrace your opportunity to make new friends who can help you settle in. Breathe and go easy on yourself.