All you’ve heard regarding the “niceness” of Canadians is no stereotype. One Canada put it like this “I have met no one in Canada that is from Canada that is not polite. I live in Canada and we have three ranks of nice people. Super nice, nice kinda nice, and not Canadian.” Canada is frequently alluded as a land of immigrants since a large number of newcomers have settled there. Canadian and Americans have quite a bit in common example of this is their shining confidence, with such a supportive government and booming economy who wouldn’t be right? So Canadians are extremely polite, they’re hockey lovers, it is the land of Justin Bieber and bears are like pets? We’re sold, the one-way ticket to Canada, please.


Canada boasts in the fact that the quality of life in Canada is top class, they are constantly receiving awards and accolades that affirm this. Canada has had universal medicinal care subsequent to the 1960s through the Medical Care Act of 1966, whereas Obamacare is still struggling to take off. Canadians, in general, have very little to no financial burdens or hassles, which aids its high quality of life and prevents sickness and disease. A 2014 healthcare report by the Commonwealth Fund states “The U.S. health-care system is the most expensive in the world, but this report and prior editions consistently show the U.S. underperforms relative to other countries” and there you have it.

Progressive Government

In the USA, same-sex marriage was legalized by the Supreme Court on June 2015. Canada though, sanctioned same-sex marriage 10 years prior at the government level. When Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper took office in 2006, he picked not to return to same-sex-marriage law, as indicated by creator and Toronto-based gay-rights dissident Bert Archer. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in December by and by respected the nation's first refugees from Syria. Canada has said that it has met its objective of inviting 25,000 Syrian refugees. Minister John McCallum says the next step is finding permanent jobs for these refugees as well and homes of course, and even French or English courses.

Less gun-related manslaughter

Yes, we went there. The rate of crime with guns in the USA is more than six times as high as in Canada, as per the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Also rated the 7th safest country in the world. In fact, the USA holds a dubious distinction in outpacing most developed countries in this category, including Norway, England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and Germany and the Netherlands. In Canada, only licensed individuals can buy firearms, which is a lengthy process that requires a safety course and exam, a 45 day wait to process an application and a 28 day waiting period for those who don’t currently own a firearm. There are also several bans, on certain types of powerful handguns and magazines for automatic and semiautomatic firearms.

It’s Beautiful

Canada’s natural beauty is unmatched. As a Country that shows off amazing landscapes as wells as a top notch urban life, Canada is one of the world's most visited vacation destinations. Attributable to its size, numerous Canadians often times choose to vacation within the country, with educational urban communities, for example, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal to visit, and the dazzling view of Niagara Falls and Gatineau National Park, lakes and so much forestry Canada is rich, in more ways than just one.