They are extraordinarily prepared experts, qualified and personally acquainted with Canadian immigration arrangements. Having an RCIC help you in applying for your Canadian visa can significantly streamline your application procedure. Think about the RCIC as your own right hand through your Canadian visa application.

5 Reasons why you should definitely hire an RCIC:

  1. RCIC’s know Canada’s immigration process and visa system well. Their jobs are to stay up to date with the latest policy changes, an obligation that they are legally required to fulfill. They have an abundance of insider knowledge about the system so take advantage of it.
  2. They’re authorized by a regulatory body. Picking up their license implies that they've completed a thorough procedure to enter the business, and on-going proficient advancement is required to keep on renewing this permit every year. This implies they work to a strict set of principles and morals which are enforced. It's an assurance that they're working to your greatest advantage.
  3. They can liaise with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and your employer for your sake. If by chance you've ever attempted to ring a government department or embassy of some sort, you'll know it can be a maddening, confusing experience. Working with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant implies you don't need to make these extensive telephone calls. They can likewise guarantee your application meets the qualifying criteria, giving you the best chance of success.
  4. They can personalize your immigration plan. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are there to guide you effectively through the mind-boggling twists and turns of Canada's visa system. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants can work with you, understanding your objectives and what your desired goals are. They can then set up an arrangement to help you accomplish those goals and expectations.
  5. They can offer an alternative point of view on your immigration options. RCIC’s are designed to offer you sound, legitimate feedback on what your alternatives are, as well as guidance on the procedure. You may even get data that you hadn't considered that reimagines the course you thought you needed to take. You’re almost guaranteed to walk away with more than you’re initially bargained for.