Why Winnipeg?

Winnipeg, known for its kind and welcoming spirit, is a diverse multicultural city with a rich history. A native trading point preceding the landing of the Europeans, Winnipeg was at the heart of the nation's fur exchange and instrumental in building up Canada's entryway toward the west. Home to a grain trade that once equaled the biggest markets on the planet, Winnipeg's design and neighborhoods mirror the significant character of this little prairie town. As the capital city of Manitoba and the biggest city in the territory, Winnipeg is a multicultural city, also known as the "cultural of Canada." A population of 793,400 people speaks almost 100 languages.


Top job industries

Canada hosts one of the most diversified economies. Some of the major industries thriving in  Winnipeg trade, manufacturing, education, and healthcare. As the aboriginal population continues to grow, the trading industry continues to boom. Some of the top corporations found in the area and surroundings are; Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc., Access Credit Union Limited, Artis REIT, Boeing Canada Operations Limited, Cargill Limited, Ceridian HCM, Great-West Life Assurance Company, Magellan Aerospace, and many others.


Let’s start off by saying that Canada is considered the world’s most educated country with more than half its residents in possession of a college degree. Your Canadian qualification will be recognized anywhere in the world, making job opportunities only that much better for you. Not only does Canada home most of the best schooling institutions in the world, but it's affordable too. A recent study has shown that Canada is now the most preferred nation for studies over the United Kingdom, which may sound outlandish but this is an absolute fact.  Canada's high academic standards and exhaustive quality controls suggest that you'll be exposed to a better education that will open portals for your future and point of preference for your career on a long term basis.


We’ve all heard about the severe winters in Canada, but Winnipeg is the exception. Winnipeg experiences the highest rates of the sunshine per year, the most in all of Canada. The clear skies and sunshine is not only limited to the summer season but is often enjoyed throughout the year. However, Winnipeg's location in the Canadian Prairies gives it a muggy mainland atmosphere and windy climate. Canadians take full advantage of the winter season as it is usually jam-packed with epic activities, staying indoors in Canada is not an option. Polar bear swims, Skiing, and ice skating is just a few things Canadians get up to in winter.


Since Winnipeg is widely known as the “cultural cradle of Canada” there is always something to do and see. Noteworthy festivals include festival du Voyage, Folkorama, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Other non-theatric annual festivals that take place in Winnipeg include Aboriginal Day Live, Big Fun Festival, Canada Inns Winter Wonderland, Central Canada Comic Con and many, many others.

Where to live

As you may or may not already know, Canada is a bilingual nation and is as equally dominant in French as English. So it is highly recommended that before considering a neighborhood to settle in, consider your fluency in French or lack thereof. Some great neighborhoods in Winnipeg to consider are Downtown Winnipeg, Exchange District, Corydon, Osborne Village, and Charleswood. Winnipeg is rich in 237 neighbourhoods, giving newcomers a wide assortment of options to call home.

Things to do in Winnipeg

Winnipeg has a great cultural and historical reputation and is well known for its museums and theatre life. Here’s what to expect when exploring Winnipeg. The Manitoba Museum- this also happens to be the largest museum in Canada. Complete with a planetarium and nine permanent galleries. A real crowd-pleaser/puller is the “Live with the stars” planetarium show that recreates the night sky of Manitoba. Assiniboine Park Zoo- the Zoo’s main attraction has got to be the glass dome Sea Ice Passage. Which is a dome-like glass walkthrough wherein you can experience majestic polar bears swim and play above you. The Royal Canadian Mint- produces some of the world’s most exquisite collectible coins. The Canadian Mint’s building is easily one of Winnipeg’s finest buildings. A major attraction at the Royal Mint is the 99.99% pure gold bar, tourists flock from all over the world for just a glimpse of this Canadian beauty. You’re treated to a guided tour of the facility, all of Canada’s coins are made here. Here is a chance to marvel at the art of coin making.