Canada is undoubtedly underrated as it oozes with natural beauty and thrilling activities, for all. Allow us to hype you up, educate you and get you ready for a trip to Alberta, Canada with our traveling tips.

Documentations needed to go to Alberta


Typically the question on everybody’s lips is: What documentation will I need? Well as you may or may not already know, you will need a visa. Your options are an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or a visitor visa. If your stay is a bit more “permanent” then you will need to apply for a temporary foreign worker's visa, a student visa, family sponsorship/spousal sponsorship, skilled work visa or a working holiday visa. To apply for any of these visas you need to have a valid passport.

Weather in Alberta

Another frequently asked question is, is Canada really that cold? If we said yes would you still come? Alberta ranges from mild summers to snowy winters and you’ll be pleased to know that Alberta has the most bearable weather overall in Canada. In summer on average you can expect highs of up to mid 30C (Canada measures in Centigrade or Celsius) in winter you could expect anything from -15 to -25 at night with daytime temperatures hitting -5 to about -15. Not that bad right? Alberta has the highest number of sunny days in all of the Canadian cities, enjoying more than 2 300 hours of pure sunshine bliss each year.

Attractions in Alberta

Alberta is the fourth-biggest region in Canada – which is roughly the same size as the state of Texas. Alberta is rich in majestic mountains and lush forests that cover almost half of the province. Alberta homes more than 600 lakes and 245 rivers. If you were to Google search “Alberta” you would be bombarded with crystal clear turquoise waters, fluffy white clouds, and snow-capped mountains.

Activities in Alberta

Since Alberta has natural attractions in abundance, outdoorsy activities are a must. A very popular destination for ice-skating is Banff National Park on the great Lake Louise. Another amazing thing you’ll get to witness in Alberta is the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). The Aurora Borealis is a standout amongst the most surreal characteristic marvels on earth. There are plenty of tour packages you can look into that take you to see these incredible lights.