Why Saskatoon?

The city of Saskatoon is beautifully situated, with the South Saskatchewan River twisting its way along the outskirts. As a dynamic city, residents and guests alike rush to the Meewasin Valley trails, crossing sixty kilometers of pathways in all seasons. The city's young and vibrant culture, as well as social wealth, are obvious in each area, thanks to a limited extent to the University of Saskatchewan, where driving edge innovation, for example, the Canadian Light Source synchrotron draws the brightest minds from around the globe. A dynamic, advanced arts community is unmistakable at the variety of occasions and celebrations occurring on a consistent basis. Boutique shopping, challenging golf courses, and crisp local cuisine round out Saskatoon's allure.

Top Job Industries

Canada has previously been ranked 2nd out of 181 countries as the “Best Country to Start a Business.”  According to statistics, the major job industries in Saskatoon include trade, health, and social assistance, agriculture, construction, and educational services. More industries that contribute to the economy positively are various grains, livestock, oil and gas, uranium and wood. Almost 66% of the world's recoverable potash stores are situated in the Saskatoon region. Some major employers found in the area and surroundings include; Saskatoon Health Region, University of Saskatchewan, Federated Co-operatives, Graham Construction & Engineering, Siemens Transportation Group, and Maple Leaf Foods.


Canada as a whole has a really good reputation in education as they are one of the most educated countries in the world. Education in Canada is generally given freely, financed and administered by elected, common, and neighborhood governments. Education is obligatory up to the age of 16 in each area in Canada, with the exception of Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, where the mandatory age is 18, or when a secondary school confirmation has been accomplished. Canada spends more on education than any other country in the world and is not only among the best but affordable too.


The city has four particular seasons. Saskatoon sees just 353 mm (13.9 in) of precipitation every year on average, with the summer being the wettest season. Saskatoon is sunnier than the rest of Canada, averaging 2,268 hours of brilliant daylight yearly.


Saskatoon’s festivals are filled with good food, funky beats, and theatric performance. Boasting 65 annual festivals and events, the arts and culture scene includes many noteworthy festivals to check out; Broadway Street Fair, Folk Fest, Saskatoon Pride Festival, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Fest and also the PotashCorp Fringe Theatre Festivals. Saskatoon’s festival scene thrives in winter too with the WinterShines Festival attracting tourists from near and far as well as the Enchanted Forest which is a light show in this digital forest. 

Things to do in Saskatoon

With so much to offer, Saskatoon is one of Canada's most discussed destinations. As it flourishes monetarily and exceeds expectations as a groundbreaking city, the door is always open for revelation. It is the spot to encounter diners, clamoring nightlife, waterway trails and other open-air spaces. The Meewasin ValleyL The Meewasin Valley, framed by the South Saskatchewan's wide swath through the focal point of the town, is named after the Cree word for “beautiful”. Here you’ll get to learn about the river and the city it feeds. The Cave restaurant: This is not only a family restaurant in a cave-like setting, but it has also become a Saskatoon landmark. Western Development Museum: This museum uniquely recreates and documents the history of the Canadian west. The Enchanted Forest- This drive-through digital display, features 75 customs displays throughout the forest, which is really popular during Christmas time.

Fun Facts about Saskatoon

  • It snows in Saskatoon in every month except July
  • The coldest day ever recorded was -50°C in 1893 and the hottest day in 1988 reached a high of41°C.
  • Some of Saskatoon’s many nicknames include; The Bridge City, Toontown, Pow City, and The Hub City.
  • Saskatoon has the highest number of restaurants in Canada

Saskatoon’s Culture

The people of Saskatoon are described as “friendly” and “open.” This city is extraordinarily family-accommodating, with limitless exercises and games for kids and grown-ups alike, and different events happening consistently. You can spend impromptu nights toasting marshmallows in terraces, days at a close-by lake, weekends at outside ice arenas and evenings at outdoors silver screens in the recreation center. There is an old-fashioned feel to Saskatoon, and a steady readiness to assist, offer stories and issue dinner solicitations. Individuals are intriguing and interested in you. Saskatchewan is a youthful region still and is a mixture of races and societies. The positive vitality and trust here are infectious.