Why Ottawa?

The great capital city of Canada, Ottawa is the political and technological center. The fourth-largest city in Canada, many moves to this wondrous city to experience a high quality of life and the beauty of hot and humid summers and snow-filled winters. A bilingual city with primarily English-speaking residents, Ottawa is home to many immigrants who have adapted to the Canadian lifestyle. Ottawa has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada and some of the highest salaries. This multicultural city is filled with Chinese, South Asian and Arab immigrants as well as other smaller minorities. While most residents are Christian, there are many other religions including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism that have a strong influence in Ottawa with temples and mosques in the city and suburbs.

Top job industries

Many jobs in Ottawa are found in government, which employs over 100 000 residents in its various departments. The health sector provides over 18 000 jobs with a growing need to employ more skilled workers with a surge in hospitals and other health facilities.  Those that are qualified may find work in the business, finance and technological sectors. The head offices of Adobe Systems, Bell Canada, IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, and Hewlett-Packard are all located in the thriving city.

Living in Ottawa


Where should I live?

Whether you are looking to move to the city, suburbs or outlying farm areas, Ottawa provides reasonable rates to homeowners in each of these locations. In the outlying areas, you will find large houses, plenty of space and a variety of schools. Amongst the top-rated suburban areas is West Carleton-March, a small town offering beautiful surroundings and a short commute back into the city. Kanata North is a suburban area, perfect for families. Offering a large selection of schools, both private and public, as well as many corporate companies, Kanata offers it all. Kanata Academy and Kanata Montessori School are amongst the best schools in the area and the popular Centrum Shopping Centre and Ottawa’s National Hockey League team are both based here.


Over half of the people living in Ottawa are university and college graduates, with a vast majority being scientists and engineers with a Ph.D. This is due to the amount of top-rated universities that reside in this part of the country, including the prestigious University of Ottawa and Carleton University. Study business, education, arts, and sciences with the brightest minds in Canada as well as students from all over the world. In the past few years, the amount of international students at Carleton University has increased by 43%. This can be attributed to the vast variety of courses offered, exciting campus life and the convenient location within the picturesque capital of Canada

Public Transport

There is no need to own a car in the city of Ottawa. The public transport system runs smoothly and is supported by a fleet of buses, even offering door-to-door service for those that are disabled. The modern trains will take you where you need to go with a popular park and ride system. 220 Kilometers of safe footpaths run through the city, encouraging residents to take a stroll or a bike ride to work.

Health care

Ottawa benefits from one of the world’s most highly regarded healthcare systems as once you are a resident of Ontario, most healthcare needs are covered by the province’s medical coverage. Canadians enjoy health benefits from their day of birth with access to superior hospitals and specialized health care clinics.

Ottawa Highlights


Parliament Hill

Over 3 million people visit these castle-like parliamentary buildings every year. This is a must-visit for people who are looking for breath-taking views over the capital city while learning all about the history of Ottawa. A changing of the guard ceremony takes place in summer with free concerts entertaining the crowds every evening. The Christmas lights display every December brings visitors from all over Canada to come and enjoy the extravagant sight

Museums and art galleries

Ottawa has an impressive variety of museums and art galleries to entertain every interest. The Canada Aviation and space museum will have you soaring to new heights with aircraft flight simulators and a seat in the cockpit. The Canadian Museum of Nature houses a fascinating display of dinosaur skeletons, modern galleries, and a life-size whale replica. Visit the National Gallery of Canada for a look at over 40 000 pieces of art including international and local displays.

Gatineau Park

For those outdoorsmen who enjoy the fresh air and a mountainous setting, there is no better place than Gatineau Park. Beautiful scenery, lakes, and beaches cater to visitors in all seasons. From hiking, cycling and swimming in summer, to skiing and snowshoeing in winter, the park is a popular destination. 

  1. Houses are well-priced.
  2. Incomes are the highest in Canada.
  3. A highly educated community.
  4. The great outdoors is just around the corner.
  5. Great transport systems.
  1. Winters are cold and long.
  2. Traffic can be a nightmare.
  3. You need to be fluent in both English and French to obtain any government jobs.