For people who like to travel, the biggest obstacle is how costly jetting from one country to another can be. Add to that hotel, transport and activity costs, traveling anywhere is bound to cost an arm and a leg. If you’ve always wanted to visit British Columbia, look no further for a guide of fun things to see and do when you’re on a budget.

1.English Bay Beach


English Bay is a popular and (free) spot amongst locals and tourists alike. Spend the day soaking up some sun after taking a scenic walk along the seawall. English beach is more suited for warmer weather, so it should be at the top of your list if you plan on visiting British Columbia in the summer.

2.Vancouver Art Gallery


If you’d love to immerse yourself in the arts and culture that British Columbia has to offer without breaking the bank, Vancouver Art Gallery is perfect. Boasting an expansive collection in addition to its rotating exhibitions, coupled with the fact that it costs nothing to see, makes this a notable addition to our budget-friendly travel guide.

3.Granville Island by Night


Granville Island is an industrial area turned cultural hub and is one of the most popular spots in Vancouver. The hotspot is a culmination of restaurants, stores, a kids water park as well as a theatre. This makes it a perfect outing for the whole family, with something for everyone all in one place. The Public Market is situated close by for some affordable and delicious cuisine and Granville Island is just one scenic boat ride away from the city.

4. Kitsilano Beach


If you are lucky enough to be in British Columbia for the Summer, Kitsilano Beach is a must-see. Opt for a day of fun in the sun with your family or a day in the sand, catching a tan while browsing through your favorite book!

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