Why Calgary?

Situated in the province of Alberta, just east of the Canadian Rockies lies Calgary. This busy city has an expanding economy that centers on the energy sector, financial services, film and television, and transportation, providing many opportunities to skilled and non-skilled workers. Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympic Games in 1988, the most expensive Olympic Games in history. Since this event, Calgary has become a popular destination for tourists, immigrants, and working professionals. Calgary sits behind Toronto and Vancouver with the third-highest concentration of immigrants in Canada. This diverse city is now home to over 200 different ethnic origins. Boasting some of the warmest winters in Canada, Calgary temperatures only drop to -3 degrees with warmer days reaching 27 degrees. Calgary is known as being the sunniest place in Canada with 332 days of sunshine a year.


Top Job industries

A strong job market in Alberta means that Calgary has become one of the fastest-growing regions with many oil and gas-related companies residing in the city. BP Canada, Shell Canada, and Husky Energy are just a few of these large corporations. Agriculture and tourism follow closing behind as booming industries in this flourishing economy.

Living in Calgary


Where to live

Suburban development has grown substantially in recent years as more immigrants take the plunge and move to sunny Alberta. Lucky homeowners in the North West and South West suburbs may have a dramatic backdrop of the famous Rockies. Tuscany, Edgemont, Country Hills, Dalhousie and Rosedale in the North West are a good place to start searching for a new home. These suburbs all have low crime rates, perfect for families.


One of the top universities in Alberta is The University of Calgary, a youthful and modern learning institution that has drawn much attention from international students in recent years due to its diversity. 3,242 International students from 125 countries enrolled in the fall of 2014 alone. As the 6th biggest research school in Canada, students can study medicine, veterinary science, and law with top professors and lecturers.

Mount Royal University is another highly-rated school with a focus on smaller classes of less than 50 students and a dedicated approach to each individual student. Journalism, arts and social studies are among the most popular courses on this campus with many international students making this their first choice of university.

Public transport

As with many cities in Canada, public transport is extensive and ranges from buses to trains to dedicated paths for cyclists and runners. In many areas, it is not necessary to have a car due to the safe and punctual system.

Health Care

Residents of Calgary are entitled to free healthcare through The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. This plan will only be effective from the time that permanent residency is established, a somewhat lengthy process in Canada at times. This may lead newcomers to apply for private insurance.

The highlights of Calgary

Calgary Stampede

Celebrating the western traditions and cultures, this annual rodeo event is a 10-day festival and exhibition which attracts over 1 million visitors every July. Calgary has now become known as “Stampede City” with residents dressing to the cowboy theme and enjoying themed and pageants.

Canada Olympic Park

The site of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games, this fun-filled location offers winter and summer sports all year round. Novice and experienced sportsman can spend their time here enjoying skiing and snowboarding on the famous slopes with optional obstacles, rails, and half-pipes. The park also offers zip lining, a mini-golf course, cross-country mountain biking, and other fun activities.

Heritage Park

As a top-rated living history museum, Heritage Park is a unique experience centered on the past 100 years of Calgary. The park is dedicated to preserving the history of the west with all of the staff dressing up in their historically accurate garments while re-enacting various scenes. Delicious wood-stove cuisine and multiple exhibits including various eras of cars, clothing and shopping opportunities await, so if you are looking for a memorable historical journey, this park should be at the top of your list.


  1. Close to the famous Rockies.
  2. Strong job market.
  3. Warm winter temperatures.
  4. Many top universities to choose from.
  1. Expensive housing in certain areas.
  2. Short summer.
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