Visiting a new country can go one of two ways: One: you could visit all the tourist-popular spots and have a watered-down version of all the experiences you read about online. Or two: have a uniquely exciting experience on the recommendations of someone who really knows the in’s and outs of the province. In this article, we present to you a bit of both.

The Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Manitoba

1.Canadian Museum for Human Rights


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is an extremely important stop on your tour of Canada. Situated in the heart of Winnipeg, the museum is a fusion of the past, the future, and technology. The museum is wrapped in stunning modern architectural design and is a must-see for anyone visiting Manitoba. 

2. Assiniboine Park Zoo


The Assiniboine Park Zoo is a popular choice among those who travel to Canada for a vast array of nature and wildlife. The zoo welcomes thousands of new visitors each month, and its top attractions include the Journey to Churchill, one of the best Arctic species exhibits in the world. The park is open all year round, which makes for a great stop on your itinerary no matter which time of the year you visit Manitoba. 


3.The Forks Market


The Forks Market is a trendy spot for those wanting to immerse themselves in the food and culture that Manitoba has to offer. The market offers an array of diverse cuisine, craft stores, and full-service restaurants, so it’s bound to have something that you’ll enjoy. 

3 Unique Things to Do in Manitoba

1. See The Ballet That Earned A Royal Nod


One of the lesser-known things worth seeing in Winnipeg, Manitoba is the ballet. In fact, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet is among the most prestigious in the world and is the only ballet company to receive a royal title from Queen Elizabeth ll herself. In addition, the school only accepts the best of the best and is known for being nearly impossible to get into. This means that the all-star dancers are on tour for most of the year, and you should definitely grab the opportunity to see them in their hometown.

2. Eat on Ice at Raw Almond 


If you are planning on visiting Manitoba in January or February, Raw Almond is something you simply have to experience. Raw Almond is an outdoor pop-up restaurant with a unique location-it can be found right on the frozen river at the Forks National Historic Site.

3. Manitoba Children’s Museum


Canada is covered in world-renowned museums, and this often makes it on the list of every tour guide. However, visiting Manitoba with kids warrants a visit to this hidden gem, an interactive museum for kids in the heart of Winnipeg. The exhibits range from arts and crafts to learning about dairy farming at the Milk Machine. This is an activity that is both educational as well as exciting for children and is sure to be the unexpected highlight of their holiday in Manitoba. 

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