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About Zouein Immigration Consulting

Zouein Immigration Consulting is a Montreal-based immigration consultancy. Zouein is head up by ICCRC member Mr. Gerard Zouein and is supported by an experienced team of lawyers, chartered accountants, financial advisers, and other professionals.

Website & Services


Zouein Immigration has a pleasantly simple website. Though uncomfortable to navigate at first, once you find your way around the website,  it’s pretty enjoyable.  It has a simple yet effective theme, yet lacks content. Websites of this nature should be brimming with information, clarity, in this case, is better than misunderstood facts. We have to admit that the video in the header of their website is unique and fitting. As mentioned before, content is not the strongest point of this website, however, we do know that they offer a free eligibility assessment and a pre-departure orientation. Further, than that, all we know is that they offer “expert services in all areas pertaining to Canadian Immigration and citizenship.” With that being said we do believe there is a hidden door on this website that maybe only clients are able to access. We can affirm that Mr. Zouein is a regulated ICCRC member as well as a Registre du Quebec des Consultants en Immigration member and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. With these credentials, legitimacy should not be that much of a concern.

Social Media & Online Reviews

Zouein Immigration has both a Facebook and Twitter account. Facebook has a large following and seems to be updated regularly. The posts are relevant and informative and there appears to be a lot of interaction and activity on the page. Their page received 18 reviews with 4 of them being 5-star reviews. Their Twitter profile is in a good condition too and though the following is small, this is not a train smash for immigration companies.


Zouein Immigration Consulting is a regulated company and can therefore legally and lawfully handle your immigration situation. We would suggest proceeding with caution when approaching this company as they’re virtually mysterious.