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About Zenith Immigration

Zenith Immigration was established in 2000 in Sri Lanka to cater to the needs of Sri Lankan immigration candidates. It also states that Zenith International Center with Sri Lanka and Zenith Immigration Inc. in Ontario, Canada and formed the Zenith Immigration Group creating a wider international network. They have also joined with the glenrock, a boutique hotel, to form Vehara Group. Bandula Abeysinghe is registered as a Canadian Immigration officer in Canada, RCIC Number R406319 and let’s not forget his other qualification, an Attorney at Law in Sri Lanka. They claim to have over 10,000 success stories

Website and Content

The website is clean and well designed, making it simple and user-friendly. The content on the website is informative and easy for people to understand. We would’ve liked to see an eligibility assessment form of some sort the website, however, did not seem to come across one.  The content is slightly lacking and could include information on individual programs such as Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs. They have a great page dedicated to “Life in Canada”, explaining all the benefits of being a Candian citizen as well as videos to help illustrate everything that you need to know about Canada. A full page of former clients leads us to assume that there have been many immigration success stories through this service, complete with video, image and written testimonial galleries. Their services include skilled migration, International business immigration, and study visas. We like that they have included video testimonials, which is a nice personal touch to the website. There is an eligible occupations page which has a job list of all qualifying occupations separated by industry sector.  The website also offers useful links to their Information Seminars and assistance to new immigrants if they settle down in Toronto. There is, unfortunately, no Terms and Conditions or Privacy Page, information which is usually found on an immigration website.

Social Media:

Their social media platform is reserved for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  The Facebook page has a respectable 22,165 followers and their feed has regular and useful immigration posts. They have a decent interaction with their followers however their reviews page raised a red flag. Although the page is filled with positive reviews we found 2 reviews almost right after each other that had reviews copied word for word by 2 different “satisfied clients”.

Another red flag was the fact that almost all clients abbreviated permanent residency as PR, which is strange for applicants that are not necessarily familiar with these “insider” abbreviations. The Twitter account is unfortunately not as impressive as their Facebook page. They only have 13 followers and seems to have been neglected with only 59 tweets since they joined almost 2 years ago. It certainly doesn’t help that the last post dates to January 2019 and the one before that a year back. The LinkedIn page has 500+ connections and unfortunately, no posts or followers and their skills have all been endorsed by one person named Vasana Ranasinghe.


Overall, Zenith Immigration looks pretty legitimate, but the website could use a little work. We like the fact that the CEO is an accredited RCIC and that his number is clearly stated on the website. We also like the clean user-friendly design of the website however we do feel that there is a lack of useful information regarding individual immigration programs. We also like the personal touch of having visual, written and video testimonials of their clients on the website. We do however find some discrepancies in the review section on the Facebook page which seems to include duplicate reviews from different clients as well as industry-specific abbreviations. Their social media presence is respectable however there is room for improvement regarding their twitter and LinkedIn accounts which seems to be neglected in comparison.  Have you had any experience with Zenith Immigration? If so, leave us a comment telling us your thoughts about Zenith Immigration's services.