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About WWICS Group

To begin our Canadian Immigration Services Review of WWICS Group, we start with their About Us page. The company was apparently started in 1993, offering resettlement solutions to help people move/visit:
  • Canada;
  • US;
  • UK;
  • Europe;
  • Australia;
  • New Zealand; and the
  • Caribbean
Their headquarters are said to be found in Mohali, India. The company itself has over 17 offices from India to the UAE and Qatar. The senior directors of the WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions are Devinder and Parvinder Sandhu, both of whom seem to be accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). The company appears to have several other group partners for their operations which are:
  • Global Strategic Business Consultancy;
  • West End Diagnostic Imaging;
  • Continental Group of Institutes;
  • CBIS (Canadian Business and Investment Services Inc);
  • WWICS Estates; and
  • Global Placement Services

Website and Services

We took a look at the website design, which is easy enough to navigate and seems to have some useful information for certain Canadian visas.  The website also has an online Disclaimer, T&Cs and a Privacy Policy provided for the user. Their Privacy Policy claims to ensure that a potential client does not have to give the company their credit details until they are sure that the customer can apply for their services. Their T&Cs also claim to take payment through their site, and not through a third party (unless there are certain issues with the client paying). This is somewhat worrying as the company says they may not be liable for any breach of information or confidentiality involving the client.   The website itself may not be highly secure, as the usual HTTPS code with its green lock does not appear at the top of the website address. Caution may be advised if you wish to make payments on their site. Besides claiming to offer post-arrival services, WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions also say they provide help with applications for:
  • Business immigration Visas;
  • Family Visas;
  • Skilled Worker Visas;
  • Student Visas;
  • Visitor Visas;
  • Work Permits; and
  • Citizenship applications

Social Media


Links to the social media platforms of WWICS can be found in the footer of the website. The Facebook page has a significant following of over 270,000 people. The posts are regular and relevant to immigration, which is good. The Twitter page reflects this consistent effort.



Overall it does help that the company does appear to have accredited RCICs, like Mr. Devinder Sandhu and Parvinder Sandhu. Their content when it is updated seems to be linked to recent immigration news, which can help the user. It would appear that WWICS may be what it claims to be, a service and consulting company that assists in immigration and settlement. Although one should always be careful when hiring the immigration services of any company. If you have any experience with WWICS Global Resettlement Solutions company or any of their affiliated businesses, feel free to leave a review below.