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About Wisdom Immigration Consultancy


According to their website, Ishwinder Waraich is the director and founder of Wisdom Immigration Consultancy Service. Born in India, he pursued post-secondary education in Toronto, Canada and later became a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This should make him one of the best people to help you immigrate to Canada, as he knows all the hassles of being an immigrant and the need for excellent immigration services. Unfortunately, upon checking his RCIC Number R421247 on the ICCRC website, we found that his licence has been suspended for administrative reasons, namely failure to complete PME course, fay fines or penalties, complete Compliance Audit Requirements or respond to the Council since 11 July 2018. We therefore strongly advise that you do not use their services as they are not legally permitted to assist with immigration services without a registered RCIC or immigartion lawyer. We will however continue to critique their website and social media platforms for the sake of this review.

Website and Services


According to its website, Wisdom Immigration is a federally incorporated Canadian firm that offers a full range of immigration services for clients all over the world. Based in Ludhana, India, with branches in Chandigarh and Haryana - Wisdom Immigration offer services that range from obtaining a temporary visa for entry into Canada to permanent residency in Canada. The company offers immigration services to the following countries:

  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • United Kingdom;
  • The United States;
  • Singapore; and
  • New Zealand

One would assume they have qualified consultants for all these countries, however, they do not show who the immigration consultants are for any of them, except Canada, which we have already established is not legally able to assist with immigration services. The website looks simple and easy to navigate and is somewhat informative about the immigration process. It also has what most immigration agencies seem to value a lot – a free online assessment. The website, however, has a few spelling errors that need to be corrected as it makes the company look unprofessional. When you go to the  “Services” Page, we see that the claim to offer the following services:

  • Free eligibility assessments;
  • Help with the application process;
  • Assist with immigration related issues such as refusal and delays; and
  • Settlement in Canada.

The “Education” Page reveals that assist with language test preparation through:

  • Supply test materials and practice exams
  • Online tests and courses
  • Video lectures as support
  • Exam Alerts

The “Free Assessment” Page, is categorized according to the visa type, namely Business, Student, Skilled Workers, Family and Caregiver visas. We are concerned that the page is not secure as clients are prompted to  enter personal information on the website. To make things worse, the website also does not have terms and conditions, refund or privacy policy. This does not leave us feeling very confident that the company cares for their clients’ welfare.


Social Media and Reviews

The company has a Facebook page has a strong following of over 145,000 followers. Most of the post, although regular, seem to be mostly ads for language course or Studying in Canada and not much else regarding immigration. There are not many testimonials and reviews about the company online or on their website, however, the company does have reviews from clients on Facebook, which are mostly positive and about student visas and acceptance to colleges. We found nothing about general immigration. According to a couple of complaints on the website, clients have confused Wisdom Immigration Company with another popular scam site, Ratnesh International. Unfortunately, Ratnesh International’s website is no longer operating and we were not able to find anything more about this company, but clients are warned to keep an eye out for them.


We strongly advise against using Wisdom Immigration Consultancy for their immigration services as their RCIC, the CEO of the company, has had his registration with the ICCRC suspended for the past year. This is very disconcerting, and not to mention that they are clearly still practicing regardless. While their social media presence on Facebook is commendable this does not make up for the fact that they do not have a legal immigration consultant or lawyer, a secure website, privacy, refund or terms and conditions policy. Have you had an experience using Wisdom Immigration Consultancy Services? Leave your review in the comments section below.