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About West Highland Immigration Consultants

The company has two main offices, they are located in:
  • Chandigarh, Pincode, India; and
  • Punjab, Pincode, India
The company is headed by Gurvinder Kang, Managing Director and Parwinder Kaur who is in charge of Operations and who started the company in 2005. West Highlander seems to focus most on student visas and spousal study visas to Canada. In their About Us section they go on about a long list of the consultants they use from New Zealand, India and the U.K. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any authorized representative like an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant), Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) member or immigration lawyer. This is always a cause for concern because it means that we do not know who is in charge of your application. If a company charges for their immigration services only, an authorized representative can do it otherwise Canada has the right to reject your application. The company does seem to have many accreditations from around the world but not really from Canada. There are two accreditations mentioned, Imagine Education in Canada and iCare Canada, which are both real organizations. One recurring issue we had with their website was a number of spelling errors, grammar and poor use of English on both the site and their posts across social media, although, this could be because the company is run by English second-language speakers. We suggest that the company should really bother to make these simple changes on their site as it seems very unprofessional to have such basic mistakes. You wouldn't want such mistakes on your application papers, so they should be careful.


The company does not seem to offer a huge variety of immigration services to Canada. Instead, they focus on three main services for international students:
  • Study Visa;
  • The Student Direct Stream Program; and
  • Canada Student Spouse Visa


The company includes a large list of customers who have reviewed their products and services on their website, most of whom used either New Zealand or the U.K. rather than Canadian immigration services. We found a few reviews on the company’s website like the one below.

We noticed that the company includes a Visitor Visa service for Canada but it was not mentioned in the company’s list of services. We found this to be strange as it means that either the company offers more services than we originally thought or that West Highlander really needs to update their website. Of the 119 reviews on the site, only two of them were for immigration relating to Canada, which seemed to be a cause for concern as the company may not be as experienced as we had hoped. As we looked harder into the company’s website we also found that they have an appeal page if your application is refused. Unfortunately for West Highlander, they do not mention anything relating to Canadian immigration, they refer to Australia and New Zealand. This seems to be a massive oversight on the part of the company that should be corrected as soon as possible. We then turned to the company’s Facebook account and found that they have a healthy following of 46,536 people. West Highland also seems to post regularly and its content is pretty relevant to its customers. Their customer support could do with some extra attention as West Highland generally take around two hours to answer their customers. On the other hand, the company does seem to have a number of positive reviews with an average rating of 4.4. Although, in all of these reviews, we found only a single person who received a Canadian visa out of the 103 who reviewed the company. Unlike their Facebook, High Landers’s Twitter account is not really successful with only 11 followers since the account was created in 2015. Other than that, there is very little to say about the company besides that it posts regularly.


The company does not mention any authorized representative like an RCIC, immigration lawyer or CAPIC member, all of whom can legally charge for immigration services and consultations. We liked that the website contains a lot of useful information that is relevant to customers, unfortunately, many of the articles and web pages were poorly edited or grammatically incorrect, which made us doubt their professionalism. The company at least has a Privacy Policy, although, it is extremely basic and does not go into much detail. West Highland does not have a Terms and Conditions agreement to show how the company operates during the application process. It did help that West Highlanders has many positive reviews, the only problem is that most of these reviews were not about Canadian immigration services and that they only talked about New Zealand and Australia. We would suggest caution if you are hoping to apply for Canadian immigration services through West Highlander Immigration. Have you had any experience with West Highlander Immigration? Tell us in the comments below. If you think that this is not the company for you, check out some other reviews we have done over the years to find the right immigration consultant!