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About West Coast Immigration Consultants


West Coast Immigration Consultants  (WCIC) was founded in 1988 by Mr. Parmjit S. Mangat who is the Program Director of WCIC. West Coast Immigration Consultants has years of experience and they are one of Canada’s top immigration consulting organizations. West Coast Immigration deals with your immigration process as an immigration consultant and as a lawyer. Parmjit Mangat is registered with the ICCRC and he is an advocate. His RCIC number is R41515 and he has a great deal of experience with regards to immigration appeals. 

The Website


The website for West Coast Immigration Consultants is very professional looking and it is easy to navigate. It provides you with all the information about the different visa options that Canada offers. The website has a privacy policy, but no terms and conditions.

Social Media


There are no links to any social media platforms for West Coast Immigration. This is a massive oversight from the company because social media marketing has become an essential component of any reputable company. That being said, they should definitely make a concerted effort to establish themselves on social media.



West Coast Immigration Consultants has a very impressive website and everything is very easy to use. The information provided about the different visa options is thorough and helpful. They need to work on adding essential components to their websites like terms and conditions and refund policy and need to work on their social media presence.