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About Visas Simply

Visas simply is an immigration company that will help you immigrate to countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.S., and the UK. Visas Simply claims to deal with immigration for over 30 countries, however, we are not sure who the other countries are. Although there are logos at the top of the page stating that they are both accredited by ICCRC and MARA. The migration certificate for the Australian migration agent is available on the website, however, there is no mention as to who the Canadian immigration agent is and when typing in the company’s name on the ICCRC website we got no results.

The Website

The website for Visas Simply has everything that you need on it, it may not be spelled correctly or grammatically correct, but it is there. The website provides a brief overview of visas and programs regarding permanent residency, provincial nomination, work, student, family and tourist visas for Canada The website is easy to use and professional looking. We could not find any other immigration consultants for any of the other countries, which we found strange. On the website, there is also a free online assessment that you can take. Simply Visas is open 24/7 and they are able to assist you whenever and with whatever you need. Nowhere on the website does it say who started Visas Simply or when it was started. There is no mention of anyone who works at the company or who the people are that will be helping you. We only know of Damneet Singh Ahluwalia, the Australian immigration consultant. We do have another problem, on the website Visas Simply says that their immigration lawyers will be able to assist you with your immigration process but nowhere does it state who these lawyers are. The website is secure, which is imperative when submitting confidential and personal information as well as making online payments. It also provides terms and conditions, privacy policy and refund policy and there are testimonials that are provided on the website for you to browse through. The blog seems to be updated once a month with relevant topics and information up until March 2016, then picked up with 3 blogs in February 2019 regarding changes in immigration requirements and then ceased abruptly.

Social Media

There are social media links that can be found on each page for Visas Simply’s social media accounts. The Facebook page for Visas Simply has 11,499 likes and there are regular and relevant posts about immigration and the various countries that they will help you immigrate to. What we noticed is that there isn’t much traffic that goes through the Facebook page. There aren’t many likes or shares of posts and virtually no response to comments or queries. The Facebook page was created in 2013. The Twitter account has 759 followers and seemed to have regular and relevant posts up until May 2016. The Twitter account was created in 2012. The Pinterest link from the website does not work and you are simply redirected to the top of the page that you are on.


We are unsure about the legitimacy of Visas Simply as we have many questions. There is a MARA agent however no mention of who the Canadian RCIC is or their registration code. There are testimonials provided on the website but we thought that we should look online for any bad reviews, we did not come up empty-handed. The amounts of complaints about Visas Simply from Indian clients is overwhelming. This immediately raised red flags. Visas Simply provide you with all the correct information but the many bad reviews that we found online have left us less than confident in Visas Simply ability to assist clients with immigration assistance. We, therefore, cannot confidently recommend them due to lack of supporting documents regarding credibility for Canadian immigration as well as poor customer service complaints. If you have dealt with Visas Simply please let us know by leaving a review below.