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About VisaPlace

Niren and Associates, also known as VisaPlace is an award-winning and leading immigration law firm. Founded by Michael Niren in immigration lawyer himself, VisaPlace is situated in Toronto, the immigration law firm assists families, individuals, and businesses with Canadian immigration visas. The Canadian law firm assists and represents people with their Permanent Residence Applications, work permits, study permits, PR card renewals, denied entry as well as Sponsorship and Permanent resident appeals and deportation cases. VisaPlace also boldly claims that they use the latest technology to process its various immigration cases with one mission in mind, and that is " to provide clients with affordable, effective, and expeditious immigration solutions".

Website and Services

They have over 15 years of experience in helping people from all parts of the world with their visas and immigration applications. Their website is fairly simple and easy to navigate with most of the information pages easily accessible. VisaPlace proudly displays their various awards won over the years and they have clearly written and easy to understand privacy policy, terms, and conditions and disclaimer pages. Everything is impressively laid out with no attempt to sugar-coat their abilities or services. Some of the visa services that VisaPlace provide include:
  • Visitor visa
  • Student visa
  • Canadian Permanent Resident applications
  • Working visa
VisaPlace has a network of licensed, trained and experienced award-winning immigration lawyers that represent Michael Niren’s (founder of VisaPlace) vision of providing the very best, most efficient and cost-effective immigration and visa services available.

Social Media and Online Review

VisaPlace has a very active social media presence and is one of their strongest points, they have a Facebook page with over 180,000 likes and regularly updated with Canadian immigration news and informative articles, their Twitter page paints a similar story, over 3,000 followers and some 1000 likes, including YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages.


Even though the immigration rules and regulations are becoming more and more complex, VisaPlace is one of the few visa consultants who are reputable and assist in immigration to Canada and other countries legally. We have no reason to doubt their credibility whatsoever. Although VisaPlace operates under Niren and Associates they also provide access to independent attorneys and self-help services at a client’s specific direction. They stress to clients that they are not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. They can be contacted online to book a consultation or use their eligibility form for free. Another way to contact them, is through their Facebook and Twitter, as they are constantly engaging with viewers.