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About Visa Consultancy Services

Opened in 1986, Visa Consultancy Services claim to be the “only source for major travel agents and corporate bodies all over India for visa requirements.” This is a huge claim to make so we decided to take a good look at the company. They appear to offer services across more than 20 countries as a visa consultancy service. The company was created and owned by Mr. Vipul C. Shah, so at least we can put a face to the name of VCS. he company is fairly transparent. They supply names, email addresses and phone numbers of employees you can contact to apply with their company. Sadly, this transparency did not extend to their fees or Terms and Conditions.

Website and Services

We continued our VCS review and took a look at their website and we came up with some interesting findings.   The business has no Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Refund Policy on their site. Maybe this information is provided after you sign up on the website, but we are not sure.   If you are in doubt, ask VCS to email you a link to these documents as they are meant to help protect both the customer and business from fraud and bad business practice.   Another thing to note is that VCS does not have a secure website.  In other words, the site is not HTPPS secure meaning third parties can more easily gain access to your sensitive information like your credit card details, email address and other information you would definitely not want to share with strangers. If you ever do make payments on this site, we would suggest you do so with caution or go through a better-known intermediary like Paypal, Gyrol or any other easily traceable online payment options. There are no links to any social media accounts. It seems that there is very little VCS does not offer when it comes to travel. They offer a variety of services like:
  • Travel services;
  • Insurance;
  • Car rental;
  • Airport assistance;
  • Emigration services;
  • Attestation of certificates; and
  • Legalization of documents
We tried to locate what the company meant when it specified that it delivers emigration services, but we came up empty-handed.   We examined their website, but could not find any other information on their site to help clarify their services especially when it came to immigration. 


We found that our VCS review was a bit inconclusive because there honestly was not much information to work with on the company site. Their lack of social media accounts did not help either. Sadly we could not locate the authorized representative used by the company or through the other company, Visacon. Their lack of legal documents like the Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy, did not help the company establish its legitimacy. Have you had any experience with VCS? Tell us in the comments below.