Agency Reviews


About Visa Center Inc.

Visa Center Inc. is an immigration consultancy that has been operating out of Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2015. There is no identifier given to any professional consultants accredited with the ICCRC. It is required to have a legal representative or member of the ICCRC to give immigration consultations and there is no mention made of accredited RCICs or any information about who would be handling the immigration and visa applications. This is concerning as it leaves some doubt as to whether or not it is an accredited organization.

The Website & Services

Visa Center Inc. originally loads in Bengali, but we had no qualms translating most pages to English. There were a few elements that remained in Bengali. As for the rest of the site, we noted a lack of real company identity and they also tend to be vague with the information displayed on the site. Regarding the actual service that Visa Center offers, according to their website, they offer assistance with Canadian and Australian immigration, study permits, and work visas as well as visiting permits for the USA, Australia, UK, and Canada. When we clicked onto the links to direct us to a consultation, we were faced with more links until we reached a sign-up form. Visa Center also offers value-added services such as free online assessments.

On their ‘resources’ page we find helpful links to youtube videos dealing with  IELTS, immigration programs and systems and advice on finding jobs in Canada. These videos are however do not come from their own Youtube account, but a company called LP Group, which makes no mention of any affiliation with Visa Center Inc.  It’s ‘latest update’ page does not seem to be very up to date, with one post which was last updated in April. The ‘terms and conditions’ page is located at the bottom of the payments page with a refund policy present, however, there is no mention of a privacy policy and the site is not secure either. The website accepts major credit cards for online payments.

Social Media

The website itself displays links to their social media profiles, namely Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. As expected, most of the posts on Facebook are in Bengali but they do seem to link back to the site and are related to Canadian immigration. They have a substantial following of just over 400k and post on a regular basis. They do seem to respond to general queries in the comments section of posts. Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn seem to be neglected compared to their Facebook presence, with only one tweet that dates back to 2014, 4 videos on youtube and nothing much happening on the LinkedIn page.



The website has not provided evidence of an RCIC member, and we, therefore, cannot for sure confirm it. We are concerned that Visa Center does not have a privacy policy available on their site and the website is not secure. The fact that some parts of the site do not translate in English also proved to be quite annoying.