Agency Reviews


About USIT

The company was first started in 1959, Dublin, Ireland. On their website, they state that they provide “the best opportunities for students and young people to travel when their responsibilities are at the lowest.” USIT seems to focus on student travel, volunteer work and working programs with the help of a travel agent. The website states that they have over 60 years of experience in helping Irish people work and travel.


The USIT website is easy to navigate, well designed and contains a lot of useful information. It talks about job fairs, a few visa programs and it has a pretty useful FAQ section. We are happy that the site includes a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, which many sites seem to lack. They have also made their Privacy Policy GDPR compliant for their EU customers. We noticed that the site has a blog where they post articles at least once a week. Content ranges from travel to scholarship programs in the U.S. and more. The blogs are well written and offer a lot of detail about certain topics. The site also has a page where you can book your flight packages directly from the website.



The company only seems to offer three main types of work services, from the:

  • Working Holiday Visa;
  • Agriculture farm program;
  • Working in a summer camp

USIT also offers:

  • Holiday package tours;
  • Flights;
  • Vouchers;
  • Travel cards;
  • Events;
  • Canada Rail Passes

The company really seems to offer the full package, unfortunately, we could not find out if the company employed an authorized representative like an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) or Immigration lawyer. We did a search on the ICCRC website, as well as the company’s LinkedIn account and still, we could not find these key employees - this was highly worrying.

Social Media and Reviews

Continuing our USIT review, we take a look at their presence on social media. The company has a number of accounts including Facebook and Twitter. The company has a very impressive Facebook following of 152,255. We also noticed that they are fairly responsive to the user and take around two hours to answer their customers, so some improvements can be made here. Besides that, the company page is very much aimed at holidaymakers from across the world. They showcase a lot of customers at key holiday sites or in some fun activity during their vacations. We are again given the option to buy their products from package tours to vouchers. We noticed that USIT has disabled the review option on their Facebook and for such a large and successful company we thought that they would have happier than unhappy customers. In contrast to their Facebook, the company has a much smaller following on Instagram, only 9,928 followers. They do post regularly, but the posts receive a lot less interaction and sharing by their customers. We also found that many of the posts are done by customers of USIT, under the #JustUSIT. This gives the company a more real feel as it seemed less like photoshop and more like photos were done by real customers. We noticed that the company does not always answer questions from their clients which was a little bit disappointing in terms of customer interaction. In comparison to their Instagram, USIT has a fairly large following on Twitter of 16.1K. They also post regularly on this platform about their services and the application processes. We did find it a bit strange that, with such a large following, the company seems to have little or no interaction with their customers. Their posts are a good balance between humorous, informative and marketing-oriented content. The LinkedIn page has at least one post every month and the interaction from users are minimal at best. They do however have a solid following of 3,626. The Youtube channel has numerous videos uploaded and is mostly centered around work and travel abroad. The videos get an impressive amount of views and the content is a mix between personal stories and informative content about the packages available.


We found that a lot of the information and content they gave was useful. Their site was easy to navigate and use. The number of visas offered by the company was disappointing. We noticed that most of the work was only seasonal and did not last longer than a year. Though we did like that the company offered many other additional services after you land in the country. Overall, USIT’s social media presence was pretty good with a steady customer base on Facebook and Twitter. Their content was relevant and in most cases informative or just entertaining. There were a couple of negative reviews that mostly had to do with processing issues and fake advertising for holiday accommodation. Though we did find quite a few happy customers who would recommend using USIT’s services. The general impression of this company is a positive one. If you have had any experience with this company please leave us a review below, we want to hear from you!