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About Tiziana Aiello Immigration Lawyer

Tiziana Aiello is a Canadian Immigration Law firm based in Montreal, Quebec. Tiziana Aiello is committed to easing clients through the immigration process and provides assistance every step of the way, “giving you the personalized, one-on-one attention you deserve!” Tiziana Aiello is a Canadian-specific immigration lawyer, who practices exclusively in the area of Citizenship and Immigration law. With more than 10 years’ experience, she has successfully handled various Canadian immigration applications. Tiziana is a member of the Barreau du Quebec and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Association Quebecoise des Avocats et Avocates en Driot de I’llmmigration, Ontario Bar Association and the Canadian Bar Association.

Website & Services

Tiziana Aiello has a relatively basic website yet professional, easy to use and provides you with a great deal of information. The website lacks vital online documents such as the Privacy Policy, refund policy, and a Terms and Conditions policy. However, they do have a Terns of Use, which is well-written and informative in all the right ways. Nonetheless, the above-mentioned documents are all important documents that should be displayed on their website. The website has an FAQ option which doesn’t answer any frequently answered question and we find this feature to be quite misleading, also their News feature is everything but ‘new’ and has not been updated for 3+ years now. Tiziana Aiello’s website doesn’t have any modern features or technical advantages but it does have really good content and that’s good enough. The services Tiziana Aiello have to offer include; Canada Temporary Visas- visitor visa, study permits, work permits, Canada Permanent Immigration- Canadian Experience Class, Family Class Sponsorship, Business Immigration, Federal Skilled Workers, Permanent Resident Cards, Denied Entry to Canada and Quebec immigration.

Social Media & Online Review

Tiziana Aiello doesn’t have an online presence at this present moment, no social media profiles on any platform and it appears that we are the first and only company to have reviews them as we have.


We’re not entirely satisfied with what we have seen at Tiziana Aiello as we feel they could have given more. As well as giving the website a lot more attention with new features and just general updates, we can also suggest that Tiziana Aiello focuses on their lack of important online documents. The overall look and feel of the website and the content provided are helpful and easy to use.  Tiziana Aiello works with trusted boards and this gives clients a reason to trust rather than doubt when questioned about legitimacy. Tiziana Aiello has not given us any reason to doubt nor question their credibility.