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About Thomas Cook Travel Smooth


Thomas Cook Travel Smooth is based in India and focuses strongly on everything to do with travel. This extends to:

  • Foreign exchange;
  • Air flights;
  • Insurance; and
  • Travel packages for hotel stays

The company also offers live time tracking of your visa application, bookings with the embassy and “[increased] chances of visa approval with Thomas Cook expertise,”. As we took a closer look at the company, we found that they also offer business and tourist visas, although, for some reason, the site also mentions that they provide work and study visas as well. We could not find any additional information to support this though.


The layout of the website is easy enough to use but is missing some essential information like privacy policy and terms and conditions. They have an FAQ section which is helpful but does not expand on who the team of consultants ae with regards to Canadian Immigration specifically. 

Social Media

There are no links to any social media accounts of Thomas Cook Travel Smooth. This is a massive oversight on behalf of the company, considering the prevalence of social media in today’s marketing models. 


If you are in the market for a holiday package tour to help you enjoy vacation outside of India, Thomas Cook Travel Smooth definitely seems like a legit company. Their social media is managed well and the customer support on their site gives a refreshing touch, along with the numerous customer reviews that give a mostly positive view of Thomas Cook. To counteract this point, we were let down by the site’s security and the fact that both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy were not present on the website. If Thomas Cook does offer immigration services for work visas and study permits, they must have an authorized representative on hand or they cannot legally assist with certain visa applications without facing legal repercussions. Are you a happy customer of Thomas Cook? Tell us in the review section below, we want to hear from you!