Agency Reviews


Who is Sync Visas?

Sync Visas is an immigration company that provides an immigration service to a number of countries; the UK, the USA, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, and Canada. They claim to have lawyers that work for them in the UK, the USA and they have immigration consultants that are registered with MARA, ICCRC, and IAA (New Zealand Advisory Authority). The biggest draw is the Free Assessment offered that pops up as soon as you land on the home page. Sync Visas claims to have years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

The Website

The website for Sync Visas has a professional layout and it is not cluttered. There is a privacy policy, a refund policy, and the terms and conditions provided on the website. It is important to note that there are many typos and grammatical errors to be found on their website, which somewhat stains the professional appearance of the site. Something that we found concerning about the free online assessment is the “No Visa No Fee Guarantee” as this may give people the wrong impression. In the refund policy for Sync Visas, they do state that they will not be responsible for any refunds made to a third party. Sync Visas also lists the situations in which a client will be refunded their money. Surely their statement, “No Visa No Fee Guarantee” covers all situations? A major problem that we have with this website is the fact that there is no mention of who their immigration consultants are or who their lawyers are. There are immigration organization’s seals provided on the website but they don’t link you back to the related websites.

We searched for an RCIC agent on the ICCRC’s website and we came up empty-handed. This is a major issue for us as Sync Visas have provided no indication whatsoever of who they work with and this is the main reason for us questioning the immigration company’s legitimacy. Sync Visas provides immigration services to a number of countries yet they have failed yet again to provide information on who does each country’s immigration. The information provided for each Canadian visa is also limited and doesn’t really help you understand what you need in order to qualify. There is a News page for Sync Visas but the last post is from 2014.

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of Sync Visa’s can be found on the bottom right corner of the home page. The Facebook page was created in 2014 and it has over 200k likes. Please note that Facebook likes can be bought. The posts to the page are regular and they are varied. They are not concentrated on Canadian immigration, which is a good thing. They appear to be very responsive to comments on their Facebook page. The Twitter account has a small following of 474 people and the posts are similar to that of the Facebook account. The LinkedIn account has the basic information on it with a few posts from the Facebook account.

Our Conclusion

The website for Sync Visas is easy to use and provides you with very basic information. The fact the Sync Visas has failed to provide any indication of who their immigration consultants and lawyers are is very worrying. There is not a single name mentioned on the website and this is often an indication that an immigration company may be a scam. We would advise that you proceed with caution when using this company as they have failed to provide the most vital pieces of information.