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About Suleman and Co

Suleman & Co is a full-service immigration firm and is viewed by clients and their peers as experts in their field. Suleman & Co seems to be a small practice that deals with immigration directly. They open doors to Canada as Zool Suleman and his team of legal experts have helped thousands of people immigrate and settle successfully into Canada. They offer a wide range of services from immigration, to refugee and citizenship law services that ensure that clients receive quick and comfortable immigration to Canada.

Website and Services


The website content is pretty helpful and straightforward and it includes everything, from blog posts to informative social media. Unfortunately, twitter is the only form of social media that Suleman & Co seem to have. There are no testimonials or reviews online from clients about the service except for the website, which has nothing but positive reviews. One can book a consultation online, however, because you will be dealing with lawyers, it is not a free consultation. If you do require a free consultation or have an easy quick question you want to be answered, they do give you a link to a website that can assist you. If you do need to speak to a lawyer (but need free consultation) you can drop them an email. Zool Suleman is a member of the Canadian Bar Association as well as the American Bar Association, so you know the advice that you receive from him and his associates is reliable. In 2013, Zool Suleman was voted the second-best Vancouver immigration lawyer in the annual Best of Vancouver surveys.