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About Stratix Consultants


Satrix Consultants is a Qatar based immigration agency that has been in operation for over 14 years according to their site. With a self-proclaimed team of experienced professionals and ‘in-depth knowledge’ of the immigration industry, Stratix Consultants aims to provide their clients with “accurate and outstanding solutions to [their] relocation needs through efficient strategies and a positive outlook”. Upon further investigation on who owns this company and who deals with the immigration process, we found that the company is founded and owned by Jorawar Singh and that they have a Canadian lawyer, Vishal Chaudhri, who is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, as well as one RCIC and one MARA agent. We ran Laleh Sahba’s code, #R418183, through the ICCRC database and found that she is indeed in good standing and her status is active.

Website & Services

Stratix Consultants has a professional-looking secure site which offers services not only to immigrate to Canada, but to the USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and the Caribbean too. Once again the question begs, where are their regulatory seals? They provide you with general information about the country as well as state motivations for why anyone would like to visit. Stratix promises to provide three Canadian Visas namely: the Skilled Workers' Program, the Business Visa, and a Student Visa. Under each Visa category, they provide an overview and explanation on what each visa entails as well as the steps each immigrant needs to complete in order to qualify for the visa. In their ‘Contact us’ page, we discovered that they are located in six other cities which include Dubai, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, and London. They offer a free assessment where you fill out a short application form, upload your resume and select the type of visa you are interested in. They have plenty of positive testimonials on the page however we are not too concerned with these as they are difficult to verify. We are however concerned that there are no privacy or terms and conditions policies nor a refund policy.

Social Media & Online Presence

The website has 3 orange button at the top of the website page which links to 3 platforms, however, you are only aware of this if you happen to hover over them. Their presence on Facebook is substantial, with regular updates and more than 65,543 likes. We note though that likes can be bought for Facebook. The do not have a reviews page and don’t seem to reply to comments or queries. Their Twitter account is dismal with a mere 53 followers and 14 tweets since it was created in 2014. The LinkedIn page strangely has 1,095 followers with no posts. They also do not have a blog which contributes to the poor social media presence.



This site although user-friendly and secure lacks key information pages such as a terms & conditions page, a privacy policy, as well as a refund policy. Their social media presence is lacking and could use some attention. They are registered with the ICCRC and have an RCIC member on their team, however, if you are dealing with this agency, we advise you to exercise caution and if you have already dealt with Stratix Consultants, please let us know about your experience in the reviews section below.