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About Stevens and Associates Immigration Services Inc.

Stevens and Associates Immigration Services Inc. is an immigration consulting company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company was founded by Don Stevens in 1989, and he has since helped over 10 000 individuals, families, and businesses immigrate, live, and work in Canada. Stevens and Associates work with other agents and affiliates, and they will help you immigrate to the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

If you want to get your citizenship through investment, you can do so in countries like Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, Malta, and Portugal. Don Stevens is a registered RCIC under the number R419735 and does appear on the CICC website.

The company utilizes this face by proudly displaying the CICC logo on its front page. This is actually refreshing, as many immigration firms only utilize the old ICCRC logo.


In light of this analysis, it is essential to address the gaps and shortcomings on Stevens and Associates' website to ensure potential clients receive comprehensive and accurate information on all available immigration programs. Despite offering valid and up-to-date information on Canada's immigration pathways, the omission of certain Provincial Nominee Programs could lead to a lack of awareness among prospective immigrants about their full options. This oversight may inadvertently result in missed opportunities for both clients and Stevens and Associates.

Furthermore, the absence of accessible terms of service or privacy policies raises concerns regarding data protection and transparency, which are critical factors for building trust with potential clients. In today's digital age, where personal information is increasingly at risk, Stevens and Associates must prioritize implementing these essential legal documents on their website to reassure users about the security and confidentiality of their data.

Another somewhat alarming aspect is that clicking on their country-specific services links leads you to relatively unfinished pages with code visible on the page. This massively undercuts their legitimacy, as many scam sites have similar issues.

On a positive note, the website showcases its overwhelmingly favorable Google reviews and impressive 4.5-star rating—tangible proof of its commitment to delivering high-quality services in Canadian immigration. Additionally, providing their location and contact information bolsters credibility and fosters open communication between Stevens and Associates and their clients.

To enhance the overall user experience and maintain their competitive edge in the industry, Stevens and Associates must address these areas for improvement.

Social Media:

Stevens and Associates Immigration Services Inc. has social media pro on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Their Facebook is relatively professional but mostly doesn’t add new content, focusing on why people should use their services.

Their Twitter is largely similar, with the same scheduled uploads as Facebook.

Their LinkedIn largely focuses on Don Stevens and his credentials.

Their social media has yet to post posts after mid-2022 and needs an upgrade to capitalize on the massive and ever-expanding social media market properly.


Stevens and Associates Immigration Services Inc. has made great steps over recent years to prove its services' and professionals' legitimacy. However, their incomplete website and inactive social media undercut their legitimacy and make it hard to recommend, despite the clear legitimacy of their services.