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About Sterling Immigration Ltd.

Sterling Immigration is a UK based Canadian immigration law firm, with a reputation for providing ‘thoughtful, innovative strategic advice and services.’ Claiming to have a ‘holistic’ approach to Canadian immigration, they provide an array of services including job assistance. Harjit Grewal was born and educated in the United Kingdom. He has a Bachelor of Law and Master of Law qualifications. For five years, Harjit practiced British immigration law with the prestigious Immigration Advisory Service as a member of the Law Society of England & Wales and the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. Grewal moved to Canada which is where he secured the prestigious ICCRC designated to provide accredited Canadian visa and immigration-related services. Other affiliations and memberships Sterling has under the belt include; Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants, Commissioner of Oaths appointed by the Ministry of Justice, B.C. Canada, Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiters Employment Standards Office of B.C. Canada and they are regulated by the OISC.

Website & Services

Sterling Immigration’s website is simple yet professional but really effective. It has a flawless look and the layout is comfortable and makes navigating a lot easier. It is evident that a lot of time and effort went into this website as it has a rich variety of content, which is well-written and easy to understand. General content comes in abundance. There is a disclaimer, privacy policy, FAQS, and Testimonials page located in the footer of the website, however, vital documents such as a Terms and Conditions document was left out. Overall the website is consistent and provides useful and informative information. The website is interactive with YouTube videos, a blog, and testimonials, however, the blog was last updated on July 30, 2018. The services Sterling Immigration have to offer includes; initial consultation, application review service, Business Visa, Quebec Investor Visa, Self-employed Visa, Start-up Visa, Common-law Partner Visa, Spousal Sponsorship, Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker Visa, Temporary Work Permits, Creative and Sporting Visa and Working Holiday Visa.

Social Media & Online Review

We found Facebook, Twitter and YouTube , LinkedIn and Instagram social media profiles for Sterling Immigration. Starting with the YouTube channel, there are three videos. These videos were incredibly confusing as it has melodious music with no voices/speaking yet the camera is fixed on someone speaking directly to it. We’re unsure if Sterling Immigration is aware of this and if they are, what is the point of these videos? Moving onto their Twitter profile, their page is not updated, with the last post dating to October 2016. Most of the posts on the Twitter account are news articles and the others are links to their website. Their Facebook page has an impressive 10,803 likes however the last post was uploaded on July 30, 2018. Here too, posts consist of news articles and other immigration-related topics. The company’s page has over 100 Facebook reviews, receiving a 3.5-star rating based on 89 people’s reviews. These are filled with praise reports from satisfied clients however these are not very recent and most date back to 2016 and 2014. The LinkedIn page belongs to Harjit Grewl’s personal account. We feel that it would be more professional however to have a company page to add to the company's credibility.


Overall we’re quite pleased with this UK based company and their diligence is shown in Canadian immigration. Sterling Immigration has given us no reason thus far to doubt their legitimacy or credibility. They can, however, improve on their social media presence and include terms and conditions policy to improve their ratings as well as update their blog.