Agency Reviews


About Somira Canada Group

Somira Canada Group was founded in 2009, by who you may ask? We are not sure because this website lacks a great deal of important information. Somira Canada Group deals with immigration and education and they claim to help you get your first step towards your life in Canada. Somira Canada Group has highly experienced and licensed immigration and education consultants. Somira Canada Group claims to have helped over 1000 people with their immigration process. The office for Somira Canada Group is in Toronto, Ontario. Somira Canada Group has an immigration agent registered with the ICCRC, Olena Koroleva. Olena Koroleva’s RCIC number is R506242. We checked this on the ICCRC website and found that Olena Koroleva has the same RCIC number as Olena Korolova. It may be a spelling mistake on the website but if Somira Canada Group can’t even spell their immigration agent’s name correctly, how can you be sure that they will get your immigration documents right?

The Website and Social Media

The website of Somira Canada Group is nothing special. It has a basic design and offers a little bit of information on Canadian Immigration. They have no terms and conditions or privacy policy on their website, which reflects poorly in the legitimacy of this company. Links to the social media platforms of Somira Canada Group is nowhere to be found on their website. We found this Facebook page but it is in another language and leads to a very similar-looking, but completely different website. This confusion raises further suspicions about the credibility of Somira Canada Group.


We cannot confidently recommend Somira Canada Group as a trustworthy immigration company. They simply have not provided enough information for us to make this recommendation. They are lacking in very important bits of information such as terms and conditions as well as a privacy policy. In addition, careless mistakes such as the misspelling of their consultants make it difficult to take this company seriously.