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About Solutions Immigration Consulting Inc.

Solutions Immigration Consulting provides ‘expert’ advice in all Canadian immigration-related matters. According to their website, they have an “excellent” track record in assisting numerous clients from within Canada and around the world. Their reputation success rate is owed to the fact that they have helped families reunite, facilitating skilled workers and businesses established in Canada as well as assisting refugees from within Canada and abroad. The company’s regulated ICCRC members are Sol Gombinsky and Cari Gombinksy. Not only is Sol a member in good standing with the ICCRC but he is also the principal owner and Senior Consultant of Solutions Immigration. Sol has been in the immigration industry for over 30 years and held positions such as Manager of Immigration Settlement Services, Manager of the Canada Immigration Centre, Section Head, Adjudication Directorate among others. Cari is also a licensed immigration consultant and acting manager of Solutions Immigration.

Website & Services

Solutions Immigration’s website is “old-school” in design but very well researched. Their content contains useful information covering the main topics in immigration. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate as it has a relatively simple layout that could appeal to both young and old. The services Solutions Immigration offer includes; permanent residence, hearings and appeals, corporate services, temporary residence, citizenship, PR Cards and extensions, federal skilled trades programs, Live-in caregiver class, and many, many others.

Social Media & Online Review

Links to the social media platforms of Solution Immigration is nowhere to be found on their website. This is disappointing especially seeing the rise of social media marketing. Solution Immigration needs to establish itself on social media in order to reach as many people as possible which contributes to the growth of any business.


We’re quite pleased to know that Solutions Immigration Consulting Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the industry, such dedication to a profession is hard to come by and we applaud them for that. The company can definitely improve their online reputation, with better social media upkeep and a modern look and feel as moving with the ‘times’ is pretty important to appeal to more clients. Overall, we’re pleased with what we have gathered, Solutions Immigration has given us no reason to doubt their credibility or legitimacy.