Agency Reviews


About Smart International Immigration Solutions

Smart International Immigration Solutions claims to be a specialist migration consultancy that was established in 2007. They offer immigration advice and visa application services. They also claim to have registered migration agents that are highly trained in the relevant legislation. We are unsure who these registered and experienced agents are because there is no mention of them on the website at all. Smart International Immigration Solutions says that they are only able to help people that wish to immigrate to Canada or the UK. Sanjay Sharma is the founding partner and is a registered RCIC agent under the number #R419007.

Website and Services

The website for Smart International Immigration Solutions is very basic and cluttered. The ‘blog’ leads to a broken link and an empty page, one broken link of many on the website. The services offered by Smart Immigration includes an eligibility assessment, taking you through the application process and helping with settlement in Canada. These services are very vague and do not specify the visa’s handled by the company.

Social Media

There are links to the social media platforms of Smart International in the footer of the website. The Facebook page has a small following of 404 people. This is not surprising, seeing as the page is extremely outdated. The Twitter account is even more disappointing, having a following of only 25 people, reflecting the same outdated content.


Smart International is able to legally assist you with immigration. However, there are some serious steps they need to take in order to solidify their status as a credible immigration company. This includes investing some time and effort into their website content and social media platforms. If you have personally dealt with this company, please feel free to leave a review below.