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About Sheffman & Company

Sheffman & Company is a Canadian Immigration and Business law firm that is situated in Victoria, British Columbia. This law firm is able to advise clients on all Canadian citizenship and immigration matters. Sheffman & Company will also be able to assist you with appeals. Robbie Sheffman was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 1992 and he often provides media commentary on the latest immigration matters and news for news organizations. Robbie Sheffman is also a member of the Law Society of British Columbia. Sheffman lectures and provides seminars on various immigration matters. His biography has a list of his achievements, acknowledgments, and awards. Benton Mischuk has over 17 years of experience dealing with immigration issues. He was elected for the Foreign Services and served in countries like Cambodia, Russia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam as a visa officer. Benton Mischuk joined Sheffman & Company in 2015.

The Website

The website for Sheffman & Company is professional looking and is easy to use. The website also provides extensive terms of use and privacy policy. However, there is no refund policy available for the website. There is information on the various Canadian visa applications and the information is thorough. There is also a list of issues that you might have with specific visa applications and Sheffman & Company indicate how they will be able to help you with these issues.

Social Media

Links to the social media platforms of Sheffman & Company can be found on the home page of the website. The Facebook page has a really small following of only 44 people. This is not surprising as the page is extremely outdated, the last post made being in 2015. The Twitter account is updated at least, but still reflects a small following of only 381 people.


Sheffman & Company is a legitimate Canadian immigration law firm and the head lawyer, Robbie Sheffman, does check out a legitimate lawyer who is recognized by the Law Society of British Columbia. The website also provides its clients with a term of use and privacy policy. The only important online document that is missing is the refund policy. The Immigration News articles have not been updated in a few months and this is disappointing. If you have dealt with Sheffman & Company please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience with this law firm.