Agency Reviews


About RNG Immigration Consultancy

RNG Immigration Consultancy is a firm specializing in Canadian immigration. The company is run in Westminster, British Columbia and is organized by a team of RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants). To make sure they are all authorized representatives (Those who can legally charge for immigration services), we looked at the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) registry.   Out of the four RCICs mentioned on their site, only three of them were on the ICCRC site. Ralph RCIC number R511912, Shahrzadi R511840, and Michele R513634 are all on the websites registry. However, we could not find the latest RCIC, Sally Yap on the ICCRC registry. They offer a 30-minute free eligibility assessment and focus on immigration for candidates wanting to work in Canada.

Website and Services


The website of RNG Immigration Consultancy is bright and has a professional design. However, we do have to note that it is missing a privacy policy as well as terms and conditions, which is an essential part of any credible immigration firms website. RNG Immigration offers a very large selection of immigration options, namely:

  • Express Entry;
  • Work Permit Applications;
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Application;
  • Refugee;
  • Caregiver;
  • Temporary Resident Visa;
  • Students Visa;
  • LMIA Application;
  • Appeals;
  • Family Sponsorships;
  • PNPs; and
  • Employment

As we continued to explore the company’s website, we tried to learn more about Express Entry and found that the videos on the website, only link to the CIC website.

Social Media and Online Reviews


We were rather disappointed to find out that RNG Immigration Consultancy has no presence on any of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). This is quite concerning in the new age of social media marketing and being able to extend the reach of your business as far as possible in order to drive traffic back to your main website. They really should look into this aspect of their business.


We can tentatively say that RNG Immigration Consultancy is a credible company, but there are steps they can take to solidify their credibility status. These steps include updating their website and RCIC details, expanding their presence on social media and adding a privacy policy as well as terms and conditions to their website.