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About Resettlement Solutions

The excitement of the change of immigrating to a new country can sometimes be a daunting process. One company that is doing its best to minimize these hurdles, is Settlement Solutions. According to its website, Settlement Solutions has offices in Australia and Canada. Specialize in providing immigration services to Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. Their main objective is to provide quality Canadian immigration services all over the world. They also claim to be the only immigration consultant registered with both the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and Migration Agency Registration Authority (MARA) in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. MARA registration number: 0962183 and ICCRC registration number: R514175, under the name of Harpreet Singh.

Website and Services


On their website, Resettlement Solutions claim to have a core business of providing accurate" they claim to provide information and guidance to help their clients immigrate to Canada".   Some of the immigration services provided by Settlement Solutions, as mentioned on their website include:

  • Australian Immigration Process;
  • Australia Visa Category
  • Working Visa for Australia
  • Canada Work Permit
  • Canada Study Visa
  • Canada Express Entry; and
  • Business Immigration to Canada
The company offers a free visa assessment questionnaire as well as an online interview to gather enough information about the client to be able to assist them within 10 minutes. They have a Whatsapp number and live chat link on their website to make this possible. The website is very detailed – from the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy, which is easy to understand and extremely detailed. One does need to read the Terms and Conditions carefully, as it states many terms that you need to know before signing a contract with the company. Even though the website is so detailed, it does not specify how much anything costs – so clients will find out when they get their contracts. Resettlement Solutions also do not mention if they have a refund policy in place. However, they do have a payments page, which clearly explains the mode of payments clients can use to pay for their Canadian immigration services.

Social Media and Online Reviews

Resettlement Solutions Social Media engagement seems to be good and they respond to customers, the company also have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram account.  Their blog is updated constantly and has good articles. They have a Facebook page for each office, namely Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia is particularly lively, up to date, and they have an impressive following of 60,944, 28,215  and 20,378 fans (respectively). LinkedIn has 4,607 followers with regular and useful posts. The Instagram accounts are less impressive with 339 followers. It seems to be rather new as there are plenty of useful posts but little interaction. The Twitter account has 262 followers but also seems to be new as it has regular daily posts. There are surprisingly very few reviews on this company online. However, on their website, Settlement Solutions have a lot of positive testimonials as you would expect.



The majority of Resettlement Solutions looks legitimate, and they are regulated by the ICCRC. Although they didn't provide the name of their RCIC, we managed to check using the Consultant Identification #:  R514175. Harpreet Singh is their RCIC and he checks out as an active RCIC on the government website.  Besides the lack of refund policy or fees details, Resettlement Solutions seems to be a reputable company with qualified immigration consultants. Have you had any experience with Resettlement Solutions? If so, leave us a comment telling us what you thought about their services.