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About Preferred Immigration Services

Preferred Immigration Services is “the leading immigration consultant in Edmonton.” They specialize in approaching each client with tailored services for their individual circumstance. Preferred Immigration Services claims to go to extraordinary measures to ensure your immigration process runs smoothly and swiftly. Carl Wurfel and Heather Gomme are both directors of the company, also both members in good standing with the ICCRC. Carl has over 10 years of experience in the immigration industry, as a lawyer and consultant with extensive expertise in the HR field. Heather too has a great deal of experience in immigration consultancy and has handled many LMIA applications, permanent residence applications, and Express Entry.

Website & Services


Preferred Immigration Service has a visually appealing website which is relatively easy to navigate. This user-friendly website has a neat layout complete with eye-catching colors and a readable font size. The website is not overwhelming with content which isn’t ideal in this case. As visa consultations are case sensitive, the more you know the better decision you make. A client would need a lot more information than what Preferred Immigration offers. There is no visible inclusion of a privacy policy or a terms and conditions page on their website, which is without a doubt hugely important. Though we do believe with their experience and qualifications they do have something of the sort in place, they should know how important these documents are. As often mention throughout their website their services are among the best in Edmonton and those services are:

  • LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)
  • PNP Applications (Provincial Nominee Program)
  • Refugee claims
  • Work permit
  • Express Entry
  • Permanent Residence
  • Visa Applications
  • Open work permit
  • Super visa

And of course, consulting services.

Social Media & Online Reviews


Preferred Immigration Inc. has no discoverable social media accounts. We manually searched for the company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and unfortunately, we found nothing. We also did a Google search to find anything worth reporting back on and once again we were presented with nothing. So it’s safe to say their online presence is pretty non-existent. We rely on this greatly, to distinguish whether or not this company is active and doing business.



We do believe that Preferred Immigration Services Inc. is well and able to carry out your immigration procedure on your behalf. As the experience and accolades, they possess tells us that they are legally able to do so.