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About Permits & Visas

Permits & Visas is a global immigration company that has offices in Dubai and GCC. They claim to work with experienced and qualified immigration consultants and lawyers. One question we want you to ask yourself at the beginning of this review and throughout is, who are the immigration consultants and lawyers?

The Website

They have a ‘complaints’ section which could hint at a reputable agency but upon closer inspection, you see that it's really a lot of fluff. The complaints section is made up of complaints about the countries they claim to provide visa assistance for and not complaints about the services of Permits & Visas. This is very misleading and many of the reviews come off as fake or scripted. The website contains a privacy policy as well as terms and conditions. In the ‘accreditation’ tab they have an ICCRC icon and claims to employ ‘qualified and licensed’ immigration attorneys. However, they fail to name these attorneys or their IRCC numbers so we are unable to verify whether this information is true.

Social Media

The social media links are clearly displayed in the right-hand corner of their site. Their Facebook page has a substantially big following of over 450,000. For such a big following, they post sparsely, maybe two times a month, which raises suspicions about how they managed to gain so many followers. Please note that Facebook posts can be bought. The marketing side of Permits & Visas is very good but we can’t be sure with regards to their follow-through. There is a Twitter page that has 913 followers and the posts mirror the bi-monthly posting schedule they display on their Facebook account.


At first look Permits & Visas looked quite professional and promising but as we started to chip away at the paint all their flaws were revealed. We were unable to find any immigration consultants or immigration lawyers anywhere on the website. The fact that Permits & Visas claim to be accredited by so many different immigration corporations and law firms with nothing to show for it worries us. We would not trust Permits & Visas as an immigration agency as they are unable to provide people with any information about their immigration agents or lawyers. If you have dealt with Permits & Visas please leave a review below.