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About Pacific Canada Immigration Inc.

Pacific Canada Immigration Inc. is a boutique firm located in Vancouver, Canada. They claim to provide clients with assistance in various aspects of Canadian immigration law to individual and corporate clients around the globe. The firm allegedly handles all kinds of immigration applications and represent clients before the Canadian government, Citizenship and Immigration Canada. “Our goal is to provide each client with a successful outcome by determining the most appropriate solution.” They display their RCIC number on the license page which is R408823.

Website & Services

Pacific Canada has a plain and simple yet effective website. Information is straightforward and easy to read and understand and navigating around Pacific Canada’s website has been pleasant as the website is rich in useful content. Apply for and immigration programs as well as other services they offer. The company does have a Privacy Policy, though we feel that it is very limited and does not cover all points. There is an available disclaimer which does address the vital points. The services Pacific Canada have on board are:
  • Express Entry - Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Immigration to Canada - Family Sponsorships, Live-in Caregiver, Refugees, Inadmissibility issues, Appeals, PRRA
  • Business Immigration - Immigrant Investor Venture, Capital Program, Start-Up Visa for Entrepreneurs, Immigration to Vancouver, Immigration to British Columbia, Self-employed, Quebec Investors, Entrepreneurs
  • Temporary Status - Students Visa, Visitor’s Visa, Workers Visa, Temporary Resident Permits.

Social Media & Online Review

There are no links to any social media platforms on the Pacific Canada website. This is a big oversight by the company considering the importance of social media marketing. This is definitely something that needs work.


Pacific Canada Immigration Inc. may have an unenthusiastic website and online presence, however, we cannot deny that they do meet all of our expectations and are ICCRC regulated too. We would like to see some new activity on their website and even a social media account of some sort to ensure that the company is still in operation.