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About Oasis Resource Management Pvt. Ltd


Oasis Resource Management Pvt. Ltd (ORMPL) was apparently first established in 2000 and is said to have over 16 years’ experience in the immigration industry by offering assistance to immigrate to Canada, Australia, UK, USA, and Denmark. With their target market being mostly Indian, they have branches in New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru. Even though Oasis Management claims to be in touch with national and international lawyers and RCIC members, they do not provide the names of these individuals, much less any indication of an RCIC number. Who handles their immigration applications then?

The Website & Services


Firstly, although the website itself is quite simple and user-friendly, information is not located where you would think it would be. For example, the “Our Services” tab has a number of services which are numbered 1 - 9 yet when you click on them they simply lead to the top of the page. We had no idea where to find information on the different visas and had to search for it via the home page.  According to their website, Oasis Management concentrates mostly on permanent residency, education, work permits, and recruitment. They offer free assessments on the site and you’ll also find the requirements that you’ll need to apply for an online visa. The website is secure which is very important when entering sensitive information on a website. Oasis Management has links to terms and conditions and privacy policy in the footer of the website however the link does not lead anywhere. For a company that claims to be transparent, we could not find anything on prices or fees or processing times, who is handling the visa application or what the terms and conditions are that they are operating under. The website has a blog or a news feed which seems to be updated regularly with relevant content.

Social Media & Online Review

Oasis Management seems to have a large following on Facebook, with 71,852 likes. We were disappointed to find that the reviews page was disabled. Twitter has a mere 101 followers and 330 tweets since they joined in 2015. Both feeds are regularly updated with relevant content but were last updated on May 2019.  Their Instagram feed had the same content like Facebook and Twitter however little to no user interaction even though they have 586 followers. The LinkedIn page has 108 followers and once again has the same content as the other platforms. When searching for reviews on Oasis Resource Management, we came across which had numerous positive reviews on the company. 


How their service has received a 100% success rate is up for discussion. After reviewing Oasis Management Pvt. Ltd, we are only left with more questions! Who are their RCIC members? Who handles their immigration applications? What are their terms and conditions?