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About the North American Services Center!

North American Services Center has been around since 1986 and has over 30 years of experience. MS Kathryn MacDonald is the CEO of North American Services Center and she lives in Dubai where the head office is. She is also a member of the ICCRC (#R414887). Besides the head office in Dubai, they have 9 other branches all over the world. North American Services Center is the largest immigration company in the UAE. They provide immigration services to Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and St Kitts & Nevis. They claim to have helped more than 10,000 immigrants relocate to other countries and that 95% of their clients are from referrals of satisfied clients.

The website

The home page for North American Services Center is simple and user-friendly. North American Services Center drives home their experience by telling you that their consultants speak at least 12 different languages. Over the years, North American Services Center has been responsible for the successful immigration of 10 000 families. On the website, they also tell you that besides the countries that they tell you about, they have also helped people immigrate to 72 other countries. The client testimonials that North American Services Center provide are all video testimonials, which is extremely helpful for those possible clients that cannot understand English properly. We feel that this is a personal touch that may work in their favor. The privacy policy, refund policy, and terms and conditions are very straight forward and explain anything you may have questions about. They clearly indicate their terms on refunds and it is easy to find. When you start going into the Canadian immigration options the information provided North American Services Center is very useful. The information is also easy to understand, which is helpful if your first language is not English. The downside about the website is that it isn’t secure, which is concerning as it leaves clients susceptible to having their personal information hacked from the website after completing assessment forms or making online payments. A useful service that they offer is a free job search tool on the website to help the client find employment work in Canada. What we love about North American Services Center is their transparency regarding price and payment. They also have pages dedicated to recruiting nurses and doctors to fill in-demand positions across the country. The website has a blog or “news” section with the useful post however we were disappointed to find that it was last updated in 2017.

Social Media

The social media presence for North American Services Center is quite good. Their Facebook page has an impressive 3.5k likes and has regular posts regarding immigration and happy client video testimonials. Their posts receive a lot of likes and comments so they are reaching their target audience. They also reply to user’s comments and assist them with their queries and direct them in the right direction. Their Twitter page has 946 followers and they seem to have posted regularly up until April 2019. North American Services Center also posts their client testimonials on YouTube so you are able to watch them there too., which is a nice touch. They have a Google + page with all the important information on it as well as an Instagram account, with over 7k followers. What we do find strange is that they have very little likes or interactions in relation to the number of followers which makes us question the validity of the number of followers.


North American Services Center has a good company identity and they have years of experience to back it up. Their website is simple, secure and user-friendly. The information provided is informative and helpful and is easy to read and understand even if English is not your first language. MS Kathryn MacDonald, the CEO, is registered and in good standing with the ICCRC. Her RCIC number is R414887. We feel confident in recommending their services however there is some room for improvement regarding the news or blog section which could be updated more regularly and the website need to be made secure and is simply unforgivable seeing as they have been around for so long.