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About Nexus Immigration & Recruitment

Nexus Immigration & Recruitment is a member and recognized by the ICCRC and they have qualified RCIC agents with more than 20 years of experience. Nexus Immigration will help you with visas to study, work, and visit or even become a permanent resident in Canada.

The website

The website is easy to use and it is nicely laid out. Everything that you need can be easily found which is helpful. However when you start looking at the different options provided you realize how limited the information provided is. The information provided on the various visa applications is extremely limited and basic and in the end, quite unhelpful. There is a privacy policy but no refund policy or terms and conditions. Nexus Immigration & Recruitment claims to be recognized by the ICCRC and has registered RCIC agents. Who are they? We searched for RCIC agents for Nexus and we came up empty-handed. This raised a huge red flag and it was very unsettling. There is also no indication who started Nexus Immigration & Recruitment. We are told that they have over 20 years of experience but where are these people?

Social Media

There are no links to any social media platforms of Nexus Immigration on their page. This raises more concerns about whether this company can be trusted or not.



We think that you should definitely proceed with caution if you want to use Nexus Immigration & Recruitment. There are no client testimonials, the website is only a few years old even though the company has over 20 years of experience. Their social media pages are non-existent.