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About NextDestination Canada

NextDestination Canada seems to be a legitimate immigration consultancy. Based in Montreal, Canada, they offer all of the standard immigration services you can expect from an immigration company. 

Website and Services

Our initial impression of their website was a good one. It makes great use of minimalist design to create a user-friendly experience. All the links work and it is very easy to navigate. However, the bare design also means that there is very little content on their website. Privacy policy and terms of use section can be found in the bottom left corner of the website. You will only find information on who the company is and what services they offer. There is no mention of life in Canada or the specific requirements for any of the visa options. They do not have a news section or a blog section, so it is easy to start wondering if the company is up to date with the latest immigration news and trends. NextDestination Canada’s biggest selling point is its “100% Refund Guarantee” policy. They claim to refund you if you do not qualify for any of the immigration options once you have been evaluated. However, in their Terms and Conditions, it is clear that their refund policy is a lot more complex. The policy seems to say that NextDestination Canada will not refund anyone after they have received a profile evaluation. This in itself is extremely misleading. In addition, they talk about utilizing the services of registered RCIC’s but they fail to name any of their consultants.

Social Media


There are no links to their social media platforms on the NextDestination website. We could find three main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their Facebook profile is certainly impressive, with a following of 380,931. Seeing as they have such a large following, you would think that the company provides its followers with some exciting and relevant content. However, all of their posts are merely made up of standard Shutterstock photos with a brief description of some current immigration news and a link to their landing page. Their Twitter account is a massive contrast with a following of only 45 people. This disparity is quite concerning.


You might be wondering why such a seemingly reputable immigration consultancy warrants such a brief review. The reason our NextDestination Canada review is short is that they have very little to review online. There are no testimonials or online reviews of any kind to be found. The only way we could measure the customer interaction of the company is through their social media. On Facebook, they have disabled the review option, but you can see that the company responds to all of the comments on their posts.