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About New World Immigration

New World Immigration is an immigration consultancy company that assists people from all over the world to visit or immigrate to eight other countries. It offers visa services for South Africa, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mauritius and USA and utilizes its recruitment division to successfully place applicants abroad.

New World Immigration also offers relocation services that assists clients and their families move abroad. Relocation services also include the client’s goods and assets that can be freighted to the immigration destination, assistance with finding homes or even helping with the relocation of valuable objects and pets.

A major validating aspect of New World Immigration is that it uses government approved consultants such as Immigration Consultants, Ex-consular officials and world class consultants like Canada’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs).

New World Immigration places a lot of emphasis on complying with the Immigration Acts e.g South Africa's Immigration Act of each country that it serves. This adds an authoritative and legal validity to the services that it offers and ensures that they never operate outside of the ambit of international and sovereign immigration laws, potentially exposing clients to punitive measures.


If you visit the website for New World Immigration the first thing you’ll notice on the homepage is the muted color palette of the site's design. By using only white, light gray and navy blue, the websites’ simple color tones ensure that the users eyes are more easily drawn to the most important information on the site and are not visually distracted.

The site's contact information (cell phone number and email) is easily displayed in black text on white background at the top, a placement roughly in eyeline for most readers. The site's social media credentials (twitter, linked in, facebook) are also displayed at the top of the website.

Placed at the center of the website (as a warm visual welcome) is an image of a family of three, a mother, a father and daughter holding their immigration visa documents as proof of success of their immigration application. The byline attached to the image gives brief testimony to the company’s success in perfecting a tailored immigration experience for clients.

With regards to navigation, the most important pages for the site are easy to find just below the site's contact information. In bolded capital letters and arranged horizontally, you’ll find APPLY ONLINE, DESTINATIONS, WHY CHOOSE NWI, NEWS, CONTACT US and CLIENT PORTAL.

Most importantly -should clients be skeptical about the company’s legitimacy-the company’s reputation, the list of consultants it utilizes, the reviews it has received through third party independent review sites and an online portal that facilitates all facets of the application process for clients.

Social Media

New World Immigration, as aforementioned, has interactive tabs on its homepage for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Skype. New posts on the site are sporadic but always updated when important any breaking news regarding immigration trends, laws and rules and regulations.

The company has a youtube site with roughly 636 subscribers and 28 videos, each of which is dedicated to a particular topic that addresses questions clients might have. There is an introductory video called “Who is New World Immigration?” that every prospective client should view as it gives a brief overview of the company’s origins, what it's about and the services it provides.


New World Immigration is one of the most trusted Immigration consultancy brands in the world. It liaises with the registered immigration consultants within each country that it provides a service to. It also ensures that it provides validity and legitimacy to its services by adhering to the Immigration Acts and laws in each country.

Nevertheless it has very low numbers of social media posts and number of Youtube subscribers, which may point to very low numbers of client engagement that adds a layer of suspicion on whether or not the company is trustworthy.